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Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars 10 1978 part 3

Into the second half of 1978 and Playboy's July cover girl, actress Pamela Sue Martin, became only the third female celebrity to appear on Playboy's cover.  Agent Triple P thinks that this is a nicely enticing cover by Phillip Dixon but, apparently, it was criticised as being one of the main reasons that this was one of the worst selling summer Playboy issues of the seventies.  Martin had appeared in Glen A Larson The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries TV series from its first episode in January 1977 until she left part way through season 2 in January 1978.  

She was offered $20,000 an episode to stay with the series but after a slew of teenage roles (she was twenty four at this point) she wanted to move on.

Unlike a lot of the actresses Playboy has featured over the years, Martin manages to generate some real heat and sexiness in her pictorial which was photographed by Dick Zimmerman, She was also not shy about flashing her fur, unlike a lot of celebrity names before or since.

Slinkily gorgeous in Dynasty

She would later go on to even bigger TV fame as Fallon Carrington in Dynasty but had already appeared in The Poseidon Adventure as a teenager in 1972 and a number of other films too.  She left Dynasty as well and when the character returned she was played by English actress Emma Samms.

This was not, however, the first time Martin had posed nude.  Whilst working as a fashion model as a teenager she posed for photographer Mark Slade in a stream in her home state of Connecticut.  These pictures resurfaced in the early eighties once she started appearing in Dynasty.

The Playmate of the Month for July was Karen Morton, who was the cousin of June 1970 Playmate of the Month, Elaine Morton.  She has the smallest bust, 32B, of any Playboy Playmate and, again, took some of the flak for the low circulation of this issue.  At 5'6" but weighing just 95 lbs (which is just 6 stone 11 lbs) she was a waif-like 32-22-32.

We think she is lovely, however, and she delivers an unusually high number of pussy-revealing poses in her pictorial by Phillip Dixon.  She was originally spotted by a photo co-ordinator for Playboy's sister magazine Oui whilst out shopping for groceries with her grandmother (who was also the grandmother of her cousin Elaine).  It was her grandmother who encouraged her to pursue the Playboy opportunity.

Although her centrefold was shot by a different photographer (Ken Marcus) it is also very revealing and it joins a very small number of Playboy centrefold shots where the Playmates flash their labia.

Her most revealing shot would have to wait until the 1979 Playboy calendar where she appeared as Miss April in this very un-Playboy like picture.  Sadly, she has recently been stricken by a rare disease, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which has effected her skin and left her nearly blind. 

Susan/Constance flashes in Alaska

Playboy's final pictorial for June featured a lady called Susan Jensen shot by Ken Marcus in Alaska, where the she ran a bar and hotel.  In fact she was porn star Constance Money, star of seminal (so to speak) porn film The Opening of Misty Beethoven, an X-rated version of Pygmalion and still widely regarded as one of the best porn films ever made.  

Constance in action in The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)

Jensen spoke in the accompanying article about the issues she had experienced as being both her true self and Constance Money, especially when her neighbours in Alaska discovered her past.  Although she had posed for Playboy before, in the pictorial Girls of the New Porn in the July 1977 issue, that had only been one picture and a still from one of her films.

Constance in 10

Jensen never made the jump to mainstream films as she wanted; the closest she ever got was an uncredited appearance in the film 10 (1979) where Blake Edwards hired porn stars to play the people in the orgy who Dudley Moore observes through his telescope.

Oui had a striking cover featuring Californian fashion model Julie Swanson, which generated positive feedback from readers.

Inside, Oui was actually noticeably less visually explicit than that month's edition of its sister magazine Playboy.  Of the four pictorials only Elisabeth, photographed by Jeff Dunas, displayed her bits in this pose which would become something of a feature in the next few issues of the magazine.  Up until this point Oui had tended to have the most explicit shot of its models as the centrefold but from this issue onwards the girls would keep themselves covered.

There was quite a nice boy/girl pictorial set in a steambath which gave a nicely washed out look to the photos by Roger Mavee.  Not as explicit as what Oui had been doing several years earlier but effectively sensual especially because, as ever with Oui, the girl was gorgeous.

Oui quite often featured European actresses, often recycling pictorials from its French sister magazine, Lui and this month they ran a pictorial of Italian actress Lilli Carati, by Peter Storch.

A seventeen year old Lilla Carati in 1974

Lilli (right) at the Miss Italy competition in 1974

Carati was born in Varese in Lombardia in September 1956 and at the age of seventeen competed in the Miss Italy competition in 1974.  She came second and won the Miss Elegance title.

Lilli in La Professoressa di scienze naturali

One of the judges of the competition was top Italian film producer Franco Cristaldi who knew a lovely actress when he saw one (he had been married to Claudia Cardinale).  He helped the nineteen year old Lilli get her first major film role in  La professoressa di scienze naturali (1976) where she plays a substitute science teacher who wreaks havoc at the school she is posted to.  It is a typical Italian sex comedy of the time and Lilli strips off a lot while various cast members (understandably) ogle her.

With Gloris Guida (right) in Avere vent'anni

In the next two years Lilli made nine films and started to take drugs to help her keep up with the frantic pace of her life at the time.  Most of her films were sexy comedies but sometimes such as with Avere vent'anni (1978) there was a more dramatic element to her roles.  This didn't mean that directors didn't want her to take her clothes off of course, especially if they could include a naked lesbian snogging scene.

From 1979 until 1981 she made another eight films but then had a nasty car accident, badly injuring her knee and shoulder.  She didn't make any films for three years.  She did pose for Italian Penthouse during this time, adding to the many magazine pictorials that she had done.

Laura Gemser gets a tatse for Carati in L'alcova (1985)

In the mid eighties she made four films for soft core king Joe D'Amato, one of more than a dozen aliases for Aristede Massaccesi, who had directed the Black Emmanuelle films starring the incomparable Laura Gemser in the seventies.  Indeed, Gemser appeared alongside Carati in several of these films.

Lilli (right) services Rocco Siffredi

Form 1986 until 1987 Lilli made a number of hardcore films (mainly to pay for her drug habit, she later admitted), including several with a young Rocco Siffredi and posed for some hardcore shoots.  Still, doing it for the money or not, her performances were never less than totally enthusiastic.  Since the early eighties her drug problems were getting worse and in 1988 she was arrested for possession of heroin.  She made two suicide attempts and broke three vertebrae jumping from a window before starting on her long journey to rehabilitation.  In 2011 she was due to shoot a comeback film but had to pull out due to illness.

Another Vogue style fashion shot for the cover of July's Penthouse but they had gone back to using a picture of a girl from inside the magazine, unlike some of the recent cover shots which had used models (often conventional fashion models) who did not appear inside.  In this case it was Pet of the Month Barbara Ann, photographed by Stan Malinowski.

The first model that month was Debbie Adams, here photographed by Jerry Pasternak looking rather like a young Elizabeth Taylor.  This was Pasternak's first pictorial for Penthouse and his work would continue to appear, very intermittently, in the magazine into the nineties.

Pet of the Month for July was that month's cover girl, the really rather gorgeous Barbara Ann whose last name was never revealed.  Photographed by Stan Malinowski in Florida she appears to have got rather too much sun in many of her pictures, giving her some quite extreme tan lines in some shots.

Barbara Ann flashed her pussy quite a lot and had this nice upskirt pussy touching picture.  In fact there were quite a lot of upskirt pussy pictures in this pictorial. Probably because this was such an enticing dress.  She never appeared in Penthouse again, as far as we can tell

The third girl that month was Marita who was, they claimed, Spanish and had a very sweet face.  Sadly, we only got six pages of her.  Photographed by Jim Foxx in the last of his three pictorials for Penthouse, she really has her finger on the button in this one.

The final pictorial of the month was a couples set by Jeff Dunas and a very successful one it was too.  The clothes and setting looked very nineteen thirties although this wasn't mentioned as such in the text accompanying the set.

A lot of the erotic charge in this one comes from the fact that for a good deal of the pictorial the couple keep most of their clothes on.  Enticing slices of skin are revealed emerging from the models' clothing.  This final shot is a very strong cunnilingus one for Penthouse at the time.

One of the notable features of this pictorial was this photo which displays the first absolutely incontrovertibly erect penis in the magazine.  There had been a few semi-erect ones and some where (deliberately) it was difficult to tell but there is no doubt about this example.  Who can blame the fellow too when disporting with such a lovely girl!  Needless to say, this pictorial never appeared in the UK edition.

Paul Raymond's Club featured "Jolene" on the cover (in a typically bottom fixated shot) and inside as photographed by Barry Vincent.  Jolene is, in fact Penthouse Pet of the Month from May 1977, Valeri Rae Clarke.  By this point Men Only in the UK, from which most of Club's pictorials originated, had dialled right back on showing labia so Valerie's luscious petals were only on display in the US.  We'll see more of her later in the post.

No petals on display for July Gallery girl Augustina from Hawaii, as shot by Geoff Howes.  That is probably due to a thick black bush rather than any post photographic editing however.  A lovely girl and rather better than some of Gallery's ladies at this time.

The July 1974 issue of Hustler was their fourth anniversary issue and the cover declared it the "born again issue".  Since he had been shot Larry Flynt had found religion and this issue had been announced as the launch of a new approach at Hustler which, principally, would no longer be featuring pictorials of women.  Or at least that was what they had intimated in the June issue.  They devoted seven pages to a Declaration of Sexual Rights and Responsibilities.  This wasn't an original piece but had been published three years before.  At the end they listed a long list of "humanist authors,educators and professionals" who endorsed this.  Rather amusing from a magazine which, on its launch, said that it would contain no "philosophies" in the Hugh Hefner manner.

Certainly their first pictorial wasn't even photographic but featured reproductions of a series of paintings by an anonymous artist from the nineteenth century depicting the Garden of Eden.  In these, which owe not a little to Hieronymous Bosch. They not only depict Eve having sex with Adam but also a good selection of the creatures in the Garden as well, which include a dragon and a Triceratops dinosaur.  The inclusion of the latter means that the paintings must have been done after the late eighteen eighties which was when the first Triceratops fossil was discovered.

So, instead of the Hustler Honey they had a couple indulging in some simulated sex on the newly invented love chair.  Not only was the male model's penis in evidence (in one of those is he or isn't he type photos, above) but so were his testicles to.  Yes, Hustler had decided that instead of having young women spreading their legs to reveal their cunts they were now going to be all about the liberation of America through sex.  All very well and good, but as Oui had found out four years before the mostly male readers were not always enamoured in seeing other naked men, especially when they appeared in the (giant) centrefold, as here.

The final pictorial also had a sex education theme (or perhaps "excuse" might be a better word).  It was all about female masturbation and the text, they said pretentiously, was written in conjunction with two sexologists from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.  The whole thing, of course, was just a justification for having a number of photographs by Suze Randall of the magnificent Valerie Rae Clarke caressing herself (as if you needed a justification for that).  Here she is caught just about to insert some Ben-Wa balls in the most explicit shot of the pictorial.

This outtake from the pictorial shows that Valerie actually went even further in the shoot, although this self penetrative shot wasn't published in the magazine.  An idea of the tone of the piece can be gathered from this quote: "About twenty percent of females insert objects into their vaginas as a way of masturbating. This is usually done in conjunction with stimulation of the clitoris. Almost any long, cylindrical, smooth inanimate object can be used."

Playboy went back to the lingerie for the cover of their August issue, having had such a cool reception to their July cover.  The stocking-clad legs legs belong to Vicki Thomas, the March 1977 Playmate.  Photographed by Tom Staebler.

The first pictorial was about the new Faye Dunaway thriller set in the fashion world, The Eyes of Laura Mars, and gave Playboy an excuse to show some of the slinky pictures taken by Rebecca Blake for the film's opening scenes at an exhibition.  A chance too to slip in some girl/girl pictures like this one of two girls sharing a bikini.

Playmate of the Month was Vicki Witt who, although not as bold as Karen Morton the previous month, gave the readers three enticing spread legs shots.  The one with the can of drink is amazingly erotic as the brightly coloured can draws your eye straight to the apex of those assertively spread legs whilst concealing her bits at the same time.  The fact that she is wearing a top makes her below the waist nakedness that much more enticing.  It was a shame that this was such a small picture on the page.

There is not much subtlety in this, unusually strong for Playboy, up the crack shot but the pose generates its usual erotic charge.

This one does offer a glimpse of Vicki's bits but the sexiness in this picture comes from the spattering of lotion across her skin.  What could they have been thinking of?

Their final pictorial that month was entitled The Girls in the Office and featured some secretaries.  How many got sacked after appearing in the magazine we don't know.  As was often the case with these pictorials featuring non-professional models (although quite a lot of models work as secretaries when they aren't modelling, of course) some of the girls flashed rather more than the Playmates. Above we have Nina Blackwood who was an Ohio music publishers secretary.

Betty Tidwell worked for an import export firm in Denver and we wonder what her co-workers thought of her very assertive pussy in this shot.

Rather unusually Oui's August covergirl, Vanessa Francis, actually featured inside the magazine.  Quite often the enticing covergirl led to disappointment when she did not feature inside.  One reader wrote in to praise the way that the back lighting highlighted her "body fuzz".

The first girl was Mary by Eric Muller.  A very lovely girl but sadly we only got five pages of her.  No open legs shots for her but lots of elegantly dreamy natural light shots like this one.

Cover girl Vanessa, shot by Playboy stalwart Arny Freytag, had some very similar shots to Mary but did flash her neat little fig in this one.  This seated pose with thigh framed pussy is very similar to pretty much their only pussy shot in the July issue as well.  It's a nice pose; revealing without being not too contrived or vulgar.

The third model in that issue, Sandy, photographed by Francis Giacobetti, again reveals herself in the seated on the floor pose.  Sandy did actually tastefully flash her bits rather more than some of the other recent Oui models and no more so than in this splendid full page effort.

The girl with her rear to the camera is June Oui cover girl Susan Swanson

While Oui's boy/girl sets had been on the front line of explicitness in the mid seventies (even compared with Penthouse, for example) they never really got the hang of girl/girl sets to the same extent.  The girls always looked like they were just posing together with none of the Penthouse sapphic heat that might persuade the reader that these girls really were into each other.  Their girl/girl set for August featured a lady photographer and her model but was just as anodyne as most of their previous efforts.  Nice legs, though.

August's Penthouse cover featured Sami Mitchelltree in one of Penthouse's most revealing cover shots for some months.  It was back to a girl falling out of her lingerie rather than the quasi Vogue-style covers they had featured of late.

It was four pictorials in Penthouse again for September, the first being shot by Christer Flodqvist. This large close up shot of Dixie Ann was obviously just too much pussy to handle for the UK edition.  This picture and several others that accompanied it were left out of the UK version of the pictorial.  Close-ups like this were still unusual in Penthouse, although more common in some of its competitors.

Dixie Ann was really Carolyn Evans, a minor beauty queen from Taunton, Somerset, England.  She had been Miss Poole, which is not exactly the height of beauty pageant achievement, even in Britain.

Anyway, she spun her beauty queen win into a very successful glamour modelling career at the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties so we feel that we can take another slight diversion to examine her splendid form in a bit more detail.

Carolyn as a Page 3 girl for The Sun

Carolyn for The Daily Star

Carolyn appeared as a Page 3 girl in The Sun and as The Daily Star's equivalent, the Starbird.  The Daily Star, designed as a direct competitor to The Sun, was launched in November 1978 and was the first new national newspaper to be launched in Britain since 1930.

She modelled for the typical  record sleeve and thriller paperback covers of the period as well.  Top of the Pops was a big selling regular series of LPs which featured cover versions of the chart hits of the time.  It wasn't until the eighties that someone had the idea of putting together regular compilations of current hits by the actual artists.  Every record featured a scantily clad young lady on the sleeve, although Carolyn's one entry in the range is perhaps at the more revealing end of the scale.  The music was dreadful but the covers are now very collectible.

She appeared in most of the major UK magazines including Mayfair, Knave and Club International. She  even made the cover of German Playboy and we will see her in Oui in the next episode of the Pubic Wars, covering the last quarter of 1978.

 For Game (US) magazine

From Knave 1976

Some of her other European magazine appearances and also some of her many US magazine pictorials were more explicit than most of her work that appeared in the UK; quite unusually for a Page 3 girl.  Considering quite how ubiquitous she was it is surprising that there seems little information out there about her.

Pet of the Month was Jennifer Zane photographed by Olivier Ferrand in his only Penthouse shoot.  Jennifer was a really beautiful girl who looked more like the fashion model types you got in Oui rather than Penthouse.  Again, she was never to be seen again, unfortunately, but we did get this awesome knickers up the pussy shot.

Jennifer had quite a few pussy caressing shots but this one was left out of the UK edition for, no doubt, being just a little too full on.

What a beauty!

Oddly, her centrefold, which was the most explicit in the magazine for some time and included a clear shot of her anus, appeared identically in the UK issue.

The third pictorial that month was credited to Jean-Louis Sieff who was, of course, famous French fashion photographer Jeanloup Sieff (1933-2000), who was more usually to be found working in black and white.  He was already an established name at this point; working for all the top fashion magazines.  This pictorial contained just five images of a model in a French maid's uniform caressing herself.  The final shot, done in Sieff's characteristic wide-angle style, has her with a very suggestively bent finger

The final model that month was cover girl Sami Mitcheltree as photographed by Earl Miller.  Sami's pictorial was rather modest, almost in the style of pictorials from the early seventies, until we get this shot on the final two pages of her pictorial where she has her finger tip right on her anus.

A less appealing cover for a men's magazine than a cartoon of Jimmy Carter is hard to imagine but at this time Larry Flynt had fallen in with Carter's sister, Ruth Carter Stapleton and appeared on the point of renouncing pornography for God.  It didn't happen, needless to say.

Hustler continued with its aim of making the magazine about healthy sexual relations rather than just pictures of girls with another "educational" piece looking at common male sexual fantasies.  This happy picnicking foursome are there to illustrate the fantasy of having more than one woman at a time.  Some naughty testicle tickling going on here.

No more solo Hustler Honey so we get this man inspecting his young lady instead in the centrefold.  Lots of (flaccid) penises in this pictorial too.

Some rather more assertive girl/boy penis action in the second couples pictorial in the magazine.  Hustler had now pulled away from Penthouse as regards the levels of explicitness in its boy/girl pictorials.  It was all part of Flynt's aim to celebrate real human sexuality and try to persuade America that this was not obscene.  An admirable aim but, sadly, doomed to failure.

Not a Playmate on the cover of the September issue but New York model Sue Paul photographed by J Frederick Smith and displaying an enticing tan line.  She later had a small part in All That Jazz (1979) as Stacey.

The first pictorial was just four pages long and featured stuntwoman Simone Boisseree. Simone went on to appear in dozens of films up until 2004.  In 2001 she was nominated for the best stunt by a woman for a fall she performed in Planet of the Apes.  

She appeared in an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 1993 and now runs a company providing in-flight bedding for private jets.

For some reason most ethnic Playmates, even at the height of the Pubic Wars, didn't flash their labia and Rosanne Katon was no exception, although her fingers are straying up towards the increasingly common black shadow.  Katon already had a string of film and TV credits by the time she appeared in Playboy and Agent Triple P remembers her in the excellent medical drama St Elsewhere in the eighties. As well as an actress and a model she has also been a stand up comedienne and now is involved with her husband in humanitarian work in the third world.

Debra Williamson from Oregon makes her statement

For the final pictorial of September Playboy made its second visit to the colleges of the US with the girls of the PAC 10, representing the universities in the west of the country.  Playboy said that they had found so many beautiful girls (who were happy to take their clothes off) that they were splitting the colleges in two with the second five to follow in October.  Not quite as much pussy as with the original conference based feature Girls of the Big Ten, perhaps, but Debra from Oregon obviously wasn't worried about what her teachers might think.

Oui went back to having a fashion model Cynthia Mobley, on its cover, rather than one of the girls from inside.  She later had a tiny part (as a model) in Michael Crichton thriller Looker (1981) which also featured , in equally tiny parts, December 1977 Playmate Ashley Cox, November 1980 Jeanna Tomasino, April 1978  Pamela Jean Bryant and December 1980, and another ex stewardess, Terri Welles.

Oui's first pictorial in each issue had started to disintegrate of late.  Or, at least, that's what it looked like with oddly angled pictures and small images spread like tiles along the bottom of the page.  This is the sort of things art directors do when they are bored. Art directors of magazines hate large pictures and all they want is "white space" which, necessarily limits the size of the images. Readers of girly magazines want large pictures of...girls, not arty design.  This dichotomy was one of the contributing factors of Oui's readership dropping to the extent that Hugh Hefner sold the magazine in the early eighties. Geoffrey Rian (Jeff Dunas) is the photographer here and sneaks in a few increasingly rare pussy shots in some of the small images at the foot of the page.

September's centrefold, Jill, here photographed by Eric Muller, shows how, in just a few months Oui had gone from the centrefold usually being the most explicit shot in the pictorial to using the sort of modesty screen that Playboy was now employing.

Michelle, by Francis Giacobetti, looks very cute in her French knickers and glasses but although she displayed her fluff in a few pictures that was all.

Finally, Oui had a boy/girl pictorial. Limo. by Jeff Dunas.  The man keeps his clothes on virtually throughout and the girl doesn't show even a hint of pubic hair.  Dunas still manages to get a bit of passion into it, particularly in this shot.  The pictorial attracted one of the Oui's regular complaints about having men in their pictorials.  "The photos made me feel like a voyeur.  Even though I wanted to see the girl, I wish I didn't have to watch her make it with a man," wrote Joe Camden from New York.  A real letter or the magazine just testing the waters again?

Cover girl for Penthouse's September Issue was Kate Simmons who featured inside as the Pet of the Month.  Kate was English so Bob Guccione photographed her reading The Times.

Nancy Conway modelled for Stan Malinowski and posed for a number of pussy caressing shots; none more explicit than this one where her fingers are right at her entrance.  We like Nancy, she has a strong nose and an interestingly complex pussy.

In Mayfair Volume 11 Number 11

She also appeared as Georgina Henry in Mayfair's November 1976 issue where, most unusually for that magazine at the time, she flashed her bits.

In Taboe

She appeared in one or two other magazines too such as the Dutch magazine Taboe where she appeared as just Nancy.

Cover model and Penthouse Pet of the Month was Kate Simmons who was really English model and Page 3 girl Felicity Buirski, who we have featured before.  Felicity was born in Orpington, Kent and worked as a reporter on the Beckenham Record before finding fame as a model.

Playmen March 1978

Felicity appeared in a number of other, largely European, magazines at the time although usually at the softer end of what was on display during the period, as was usual for a Page 3 girl.  Her Penthouse pictorial which was shot by Bob Guccione himself and a pictorial from the March 1978 issues of the Italian magazine Playmen were the most explicit she did.

 In The Stud (1978)

She also had a small part in the truly dire 1978 Joan Collins film The Stud (1978) and appeared in The Benny Hill Show but that was the limit of her screen achievement.

Stephanie, Claire and Felicity as Page 3

It was in music that Felicity found her metier, first in the manufactured pop group Page 3 which was made up of, er, Page 3 girls.  Along with Felicity the group also included Stephanie Marrian who, as Stephanie Rahn was The Sun's first topless Page 3 girl in November 1970.

Claire Russell in Mayfair. Marvellous rear!

The final member of the trio was Claire Russell, a former air stewardess, who also appeared on The Benny Hill Show and appeared in Mayfair as well as Page 3.  Under the name Penny Sutton she wrote a novel based on her experiences as an air hostess

The group had appeared on Top of the Pops, dressed in leopard print catsuits, in August 1977 with Felicity taking lead vocals and doing a pretty good job.

 Felicity, Gillian and Stephanie

Page 3 didn't last very long and morphed into Love Patrol, with Claire being replaced by Gillian Duxbury who, as Billie Deane had been Penthouse Pet of the Month in March 1972.  Felicity continues to record and perform as a successful folk artist.

Penthouse went back down to only three pictorials this month, instead of the four that they had had of late. The final one was of Pet of the Year runner up Suzanne Saxon (Pet of the Month for October 1976) photographed by Earl Miller.  There is more about Suzanne in a previous Pubic Wars post.

As the cover of Hustler's September issue promised it contained photographs of Larry Flynt in a hospital bed, his horrific wounds on show.  "But who really wanted to see those pictures of him in hospital asked Eugene from California in the November issue.  Hustler replied saying that TV violence had given people an unrealistic view of its reality: "Perhaps if the media shocked the public with the aftermath of violence more often, Americans would be less inclined to rampage against their neighbours...  The visual information in those photos reflects the truth about what happened to Larry Flynt". 

The sex education theme continued with a sex positions photo guide.  One reader wrote in to say that he and his wife had tried all eight positions but in the standing position he put his back out and had to go to a chiropractor!  Perhaps his wife wasn't as sylph-like as Hustler's model.

Despite the magazine's claim in the June issue that there would be no more Hustler Honey's, after two months without a solo girl pictorial we got Lisa, displaying everything in the old style.

From Hit and Run

The inclusion of men in the Hustler centrefold pictorial, begun in July, was not universally popular.  "Ever since Mr. Flynt's hospitalization your centerfolds have sucked, and September's Hit and Run sucked worst of all.  All we see anymore are hairy assholes and limp dicks.  Who needs that shit?" wrote Mr Smith of Albany.  Hustler declined to answer that one.

In the final quarter of 1978 we will whether the men stayed in the centrefolds. Penthouse and Hustler both display a first and Playboy continues to dial back on the pussies.

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