Sunday, 12 October 2008

Seventies Venuses: having a sauna

Further to our piece on Anders Zorn and his sauna girls, here are a couple of other images of girls in a sauna which made a great impression on Agent Triple P back in 1976 when we first saw them. These three pictures, from a set called Love All: Sauna or later (good grief) by Fred Enke, are some of the less naughty ones in the pictorial from the May 1976 edition of Men Only.

Men Only, as a magazine dated back to 1935 (these pictures were from volume 41!) and had always had "artistic" pictures but when Paul Raymond bought the title in 1971 he took it more into Playboy and then Penthouse territory to take on his rival Mayfair (which he later bought anyway). This set was the first we had ever seen with young ladies "interacting" with each other and must have been quite bold for the time. We found it under the seat cushion on our train to school (we looked under hundreds of cushions afterwards but never again found such a treasure) but it disintegrated years ago as certain pages were cut out, became frayed and finally fell to bits. We were delighted to acqure a mint copy on eBay therefore and reacquaint ourselves with these lovely, and friendly, young ladies.

Now where did we put those birch twigs?

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