Monday, 24 November 2008

Part Cherokee Venus: Hyapatia Lee

Only one vowel separates Hypatia from our subject here, Hyapatia Lee, a part (one quarter)Cherokee model and, actress. Indeed, for some of the time she was known as Hypatia anyway so easily fulfills the tenuous link to the previous entry.

You'd think the photographer would have moved the manky plastic bottles!

Miss Lee (real name the rather less exotic sounding Victoria Lynch) was born in Indiana (appropriately!) in 1960. She made 70 "artistic" films and also sang in a number of bands. Here she is in her prime displaying her neat little 5'4" body. Whilst her hair is not as long as Mitchell's Hypatia it is still quite impressive.

She appeared in Penthouse magazine in September 1984 which is the issue that is now impossible to find as the Pet of the Month was Traci Lords. Ms Lords was later discovered to have been under sixteen when she posed and so, as a consequence, it is illegal to buy this edition in most countries.

Very plastic looking "pearls"! Her bust looks delightfully natural, however!

We very much like Miss Victoria Lynch, who looks suitably dark and obvious for our tastes!

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