Sunday, 14 December 2008

Russian Venus: Kseniya Sukhinova Miss World 2008

Congratulations to boffo boffin Kseniya Sukhinova for being voted in as Miss World yesterday. It's all (theoretically) democratic now, with everything being done by telephone vote from 180 countries rather than having a panel of TV stars, footballers and the terrifying Morleys deciding the fate of the quivering Misses from around the World as in the old days.

Agent Triple P used to enjoy Miss World on television but then there was all the nonsense about it being sexist (er, yes) and there were protests in the UK, largely organised by the father of one of our classmates (he became the most unpopular boy in the school, briefly!). It slid off mainstream TV and has ended up on satellite, usually held in South Africa for some reason. Actually, this year's contest was supposed to be in the Ukraine but obviously they didn't want to have to give the girls Kevlar swimsuits so moved to the sun of South Africa again.

Kseniya shows her form in last year's qualifying Miss Russia contest.

21-year-old Kseniya wants to be a supermodel but not until she has finished her engineering degree at the Tyumen Oil and Gas University in northwestern Siberia. (we would venture she really appreciated the sun at this time of year!). She could work on Triple P's rig or adjust our valves any day.
Kseniya's model card. We'd hire her!

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