Friday, 13 March 2009

Equine Venuses: Lady Godiva in the Cinema 1: Maureen O'Hara

Moving into the world of films we continue our look at the world's most famous naked lady on a horse.

Actually, according to Hollywood in 1955 she was the world's most famous ride (and you thought that was Marilyn Monroe).

Maureen aged 22 in The Black Swan

Irish (really!) born Maureen O'Hara (FitzSimons, to give her her real name) was utterly gorgeous in one of Agent Triple P's favourite pirate films, the Black Swan (1942) with Tyrone Power.

She was, however, (by Hollywood standards) getting on a bit (35) when she made Lady Godiva of Coventry (to give it its full name). Nevertheless, her cheekbones saw her in good stead and that was about all you could see given her cover-all wig.

The only colour still we could find.

Here she is preparing to be filmed for the riding sequence itself. It was filmed on a closed set with only 14 technicians; 11 of whom were women.

Maureen still looking good at 35

Maureen is still around and now 88 years old.

Maureen four years ago at the age of 84. Can't beat good cheekbones!

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