Thursday, 2 April 2009

Venus with nice feet

Girl with nice feet.

Had an enjoyable dinner with Agent DVD this week (a very nice bottle of Chateau Talbot) and he maintains that he never looks at this site stating "that's your pornographic site!" Hmm. Agent Triple P thinks there is nothing wrong with pornography provided some artistic effort goes into it. We are sensitive to the fact that many women don't agree with this (although rather more don't mind than we are led to believe) given that there have always been (justifiable) concerns about exploiting women. Even we aren't entirely convinced by models, pole-dancers and adult film actresses claiming that it is empowering to strip off for male (and indeed some female) "admirers". However, billions of women around the world are exploited in far worse ways by having to work seven days a week working in the home, in unregulated factories or as sex-slaves (and, no, we don't think that is a good concept).

We would rather have this site thought of as erotica (yes, and we know that there are some who think that is just a male, elitist term for pornography) but we choose our images carefully and for their artistic merit as much as their erotic effect (the latter being a very personal thing). We are encouraged by the fact that some of the comments on this site and the most searched items show that others appreciate our selection of nineteenth century nudes, for example.

Anyway, we are not going to change the direction of our blog whatever people think and rest assured that it will continue to present the very best images of women from history that we can find. So this picture is especially for agent DVD! Pornography or art? Or, possibly both!

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