Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Most searched for: April

Melodye Prentiss: April's most popular item

Time to have a look at what is getting the World's mice clicking onto this site in April.

For April the top 15 items were as follows (last month in brackets):

1 (15) Melodye Prentiss. Playboy Playmate for July 1968, who recently died.

2 (5) Mary-Louise O'Murphy by Boucher. By far the most popular painting on the site.

3 (3) Venus Observations. Still not bookmarking it, eh? (unless they are after astronomical information!)

4 (1) The Pubic Wars. Lots of interest in this and we areplanning to update our articles and add more pictures.

5 (-) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Sixteen year old Playboy Playmate from the fifties.

6 (14) Lady Godiva by John Collier. Top Victorian painting on the site.

7 (4) Gloria Root. Another deceased Playboy Playmate from December 1969.

8 (6) Liv Lindeland. Playboy's full frontal blonde.

9 (10) Stephanie McLean. Most popular Penthouse Pet on the site.

10 (-) Lady Godiva. Lots of people looking for Coventry's finest.

11 (-) Judy Jones. New entry for an early seventies Penthouse Pet.

12 (2) Liz Stewart. 1984 Playmate drops down the list. We still like her, though!

13 (8) Hyapatia Lee. Red Hot Indian.

14 (-) Maureen O'Hara as Lady Godiva. Top Hollywood star ditches clothes at 35.

15 (-) Vida Farthing. Another seventies Penthouse model

We've decided to democratically feature, every month, the Penthouse and Playboy models who get the most votes and haven't been featured before in detail. So this month we will do a piece on Liv Lindeland for Playboy and Stephanie McLean for Penthouse. Coincidentally acknowledged as the first two models to show their pubic hair in each magazine (in fact they weren't but who are we to go against the received wisdom of Wikipedia!).

Speaking of the Pubic Wars, as our pieces get hundreds of hits a month we have decided to revise and expand them with more pictures. This is partly due to the fact that we have acquired a large number of old Playboy magazines from a house clearance and these have revealed a different take on the pubic wars from what is apparent by looking at photos on the Playboy Website. Part 1 has already been re-done.
Part two, which has far too many words and not enough pictures, is next!

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