Monday, 10 August 2009

Most popular Items: July

She's sixteen, she's beautiful, she's barely legal!
These are the 15 most popular search results on Venus observations for July.

1 (2) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Teenage Playmate hits number one, you perverts!
2 (1) The Pubic Wars. Now being rewritten with added pictures.
3 (4) Gloria Root. Urban planner and Playmate stays in top 5 for yet another month.
4 (5) Venus Observations. More hits than ever this month.
6 (-) Veronika Zemanova. Impossibly busty Czech girl.
7 (3) Melodye Prentiss. Playmate and artist is deservedly popular.
8 (-) Giselle Bundchen. Brazilian supermodel is most popular contemporary girl.
9 (-) Louann Fernald. Unexpectedly popular Playmate from 1979.
10 (12) Hyapatia Lee. Long haired lovely races up the charts.
11 (7) Liv Lindeland. Barrier breaking playmate as popular as ever.
12 (8) Lady Godiva. Naked lady on a horse.
13 (6) Mary-Louise O'Murphy by Boucher. The best nude painting in history?
14(11) Flaming June. Lord Leighton’s classic painting
15 (-) Sue and Louise Elvin. Racy penthouse mother and daughter pictorial.

Highest new entry goes to busty Czech photographer turned model Veronika Zemanova. Biggest climber is Hyapatia Lee with a not that impressive two places. New on the list are Veronika, Louann Fernald and Sue and Louise Elvin.

Just below the top fifteen but showing strongly are Liv Lindeland, Lady Godiva and Marie-louise O'Murphy. Big plunges for Farrah Fawcett and Bo Derek.

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