Thursday, 5 November 2009

Most popular Items October

Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Teen-temptress

We can now present the top 20 most popular searched items for October (September's figures in brackets which we did not highlight separately last month as we did a six month summary instead).

1 (3) Pubic Wars. A re-written part is due any day now. Honest.
2 (2) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Worryingly young Playmate continues to be the Rabbit Magazine's most popular girlie.
3 (1) Veronika Zemanova. Considering all the other sites with pictures of the shapely Czech it's surprising ours still keeps attracting hits. I said "hits"!
4 (4) Louann Fernald. Take a late seventies Playmate and add water.
5 (5) Hyapatia Lee. Most of her pictures on the internet are far ruder than ours.
6 (9) Gloria Root. Continues to be popular month after month.
7 (8) Sue and Louise Elvin. Mother and daughter. Magic or mayhem? Triple P could venture a few thoughts; but dare not!
8 (11) Melodye Prentiss. Another popular centrefold from the sixties.
10 (6) Giselle Bundchen. For Agent Triple P a rather over-rated young lady but her horsey pictures are much searched for.
11 (15) Evelyn Treacher. No doubt the recent fortieth anniversary of her appearing as Penthouse's first US Pet has added to her popularity.
12 (14) Lady Godiva. More horsey appeal.
13= (-) Yvette Vickers. Popular fifties Playmate.
13= (-) Lani Todd. A rare recent Playmate for this site.
13= (-) Jennifer Lewis. Instantly popular cyber-girl.
16 (20) Liv Lindeland. Famous, barrier-breaking centerfold from 1971.
17 (16)Paul Chabas- September Morn. Naughty art from the year that the Titanic sunk.
18 (17) Marie-Louise O'Murphy- Boucher. Naughty art from the time of Louis XIV.
19 (-) David Wright. Britain's best pin-up artist.
20 (19) Hiram Powers- Eve. Classical sculpture on show in Washington DC.

Yvette Vickers

The highest new entries all had a tied score for the Playboy trio of Vickers, Todd and Lewis. Lindeland and Treacher tie for the highest climber with four places each. Biggest faller is Stephanie McLean who dropped out of the top 20 (in fact to 25th) having been 10th last month. Paul Chabas' September Morn remains the top artwork but Hiram Powers Eve Tempted sculpture continues to show strongly.

Looking forward, we notice that out of the top 20 Sue and Louise Elvin, Giselle Bundchen and Liv Lindeland have only been mentioned in passing and only pictured once or twice. We will see, therefore, in a tribute to our particular friend M and M's mother, if we can find the rest of the Elvin's (actually not very naughty) pictorial.

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