Thursday, 8 July 2010

Pin-up Venuses: More paintings by Fritz Willis

Classic slinkiness from Fritz Willis

HMS had just pointed out to us that we had inadvertantly included duplicate pictures in our piece on Fritz Willis. We have deleted said picture but feel it is gives us a good reason to put a few more of Mr Willis' fine illustrations up

This time we are not burdened with the requirement to showcase redheads so can include ladies with a variety of hair colours.

This sketch demonstrates an elegant minimalism and a wonderful skill in the use of slight variation in line thickness to create the illusion of depth. Look at the foreshortening on her right leg. Brilliant!

An unusually assertive pose for this Las Vegas inspired picture.

A rubbery piece of japonaiserie and an ideal chance to include teacups once again.

More tea again but this time from the rather more mundane thermos flask.

The girl on a swing has been a popular subject for artists for many years. Willis' version is rather sedate; she doesn't really look like she is moving fast enough to cause her skirt to get in such a state of disarray.

A flash of violet brings out the rather subtle shades of this painting.

Another clever use of bright colour in an ontherwise sepia drawing...

...and again here.

One of Willis's pictures for the Ice Capades shows.

Black stockings, opera gloves and choker. You can't beat the classics!

"My what a lovely bottom I have!"

A not very subtle arrangement of fruit in the foreground!

More tea!

Finally, another elegant sketch.

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