Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mermaid Venuses by Chéri Hérouard

Here, for Scarlett Knight, are a few more mermaids by French illustrator Chéri Hérouard.  Many of Hérouard's mermaids display sapphic tendencies and this one, from 1921, seems intrigued by the shapely legs above her, or possibly she is simply contemplating the nature of legs per se!

In this one our sirene, elegantly equipped with scaled, finned legs rather bizzarely smokes a cigarette underwater whilst looking up the skirts of female skaters above the ice.

This one has a more conventional tail and so she doesn't need "silk stockings"!

As regards fashion this mermaid from 1922 has taken a shine to a bathing beauty's clothes and her hat in particular!

This mermaid is one of the man-hunting predatory types and is cleverly using a parasol to disguise her true natue as she tempts a hapless man to a watery fate. Who could resist such a coquettish hat and clinging, low-cut swimsuit?

This mermaid salutes the "new Ulysses", the American aviator Charles Lindbergh, as she salutes his solo crossing of the Atlantic in 1927.

Finally, we have a merman being ridden by a joyous bathing beauty.  We will feature some more mermaids another time.

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