Friday, 16 September 2011

Suspended Venuses: Girls in hammocks by Sir Sydney Harpley

When Triple P was at school  he was a library monitor, mainly because it gave him the oppotunity to stay indside during bad weather and throw noxious little squirts out of the library for talking too loudly.  Also the teacher in charge of the library, an extraordinarily cute German lady who was the only female teacher at the school, was so fine that Triple P and his co-conspirator, Frogspawn, would have done anything for her. 

The third librarian was a jolly chap called Nicholas who was rather derided on account of the fact that he was small and rather arty and said his father was a sculptor.  This, we felt, was a pathetic job and we poured scorn on the unfortunate Nicholas as a result.  It was only years later that Agent Triple P realised that Nicholas's father was none other than Sir Sydney Harpley (1927-1992) whose wonderful bronzes were the highlight, for Triple P, of every year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Anyway, he was particularly famous for his girls in hammocks so here are a few.  Wish we had been nicer to young Nicholas now...

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