Tuesday, 13 March 2012

B Movie Venuses: the films of Andy Sidaris

We were Skyping to our particular friend S in Vancouver a week or so ago and bemoaning the fact that we were short on trashy films to watch at the end of a hard day with a bottle of Rioja, some slices of chorizo, cheese and a few olives.  We have quite a lot of  films to watch, some good TV (we are enjoying Fringe, which Agent DVD gave us for our birthday) but nothing really engagingly moronic (although, that said, we did enjoy the recent The Three Musketeers, much to our surprise) for when we want to switch off almost completely.

Mr Sidaris realises that his second career choice was a good one

Well, today what should arrive from the land of the frozen moose but a boxed set of films by Andy Sidaris.  A former Emmy award winning TV sports director he changed tack and made a host of B-movie (and that's being genererous, it seems), low budget action films in the eighties and nineties featuring a whole bevy of classic Playboy playmates.  This set features all twelve of these films and the Playmate cast list features some of Triple P's all time favourites from the eighties.  S says that she has watched them with girlfriends and they have to drink a shot of vodka every time an actress appears gratuitously topless and, as a result, they get completely drunk and out of control.  We can imagine!





We have heard of these films but have never seen any of them as they had been out of production for some time. S tells me that the acting is terrible, the production values are laughable and the action scenes unconvincing.  However, she thinks we will enjoy them as the photography is nice (many of them were filmed in Hawaii) and they are "full of Playmates with big, bouncy tits." There are, we have to say, worse recommendations. So we are looking forward to watching Malibu Express later tonight and will report on this epic later.  According to IMDB it features Playmates Kimberly McArthur (January 1982), Lynda Wiesmeier (July 1982), Barbara Edwards (September 1983 and one of our favourites) and Lorraine Michaels (April 1981).  Also featuring B movie queen Sybil Danning, there should be plenty to look at at least and we are happily anticipating watching these ladies in motion!

We have some nice pink Rioja, some chorizo, olives, sundried tomatoes and some hot cheddar with chilli.  Perfect!

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