Monday, 1 October 2012

Venus on a bidet by Leroy Neiman

Just under a year ago we posted a  nice drawing by Playboy artist Leroy Neiman.  Here is another one of his, atypically restrained, illustrations from 1976.

We can't think of a more erotically feminine pose than a young lady on a bidet and this one is nicely self absorbed.  The big hat generates images of a cool bathroom in the South of France as the young lady refreshes herself out of the heat of the day.  The shoes would be completely à la mode today!

The first young lady we knew who regularly used a bidet was our Italian friend I.  We used to enjoy watching her astride the bidè (oddly a French word for what was probably an Italian invention) in the Excelsior or Grand Hotel in Rome.  Nearly every Italian bathroom has a bidet but this is no longer the case in France.

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