Monday, 29 April 2013

Venus with Pasta 1: Micol Ronchi

We haven't been able to post much of late as we are off on our travels again and there is a lot to do in advance of our trips.  We will try to make up for this with a selection of picture-focussed posts.  It's all the writing that takes the time!

This picture is of Italian model/actress/showgirl (Italian TV still likes a good showgirl) Micol Ronchi, who was Playboy Italia's Playmate of the month for February 2009.   Later that year she also appeared as the Playboy centrefold for the Argentine and Croatian editions.

Anyway, this (very) occasional series will feature women with pasta.  Agent Triple P likes Italian food more than any other cuisine and feels it is superior in its way to the much vaunted French cuisine.  We have never had a bad meal in Italy (and Triple P has spent a lot of time there) whereas the same cannot be said for France.  Agent Triple P also likes Italian women and has sampled quite a few of them in the eighties and early nineties.

We found this picture of Signorina Ronchi (her surname sounds like it should be a type of pasta itself - a plate of ronchi all'arrabbiata, please) while looking for something else but it does remind us of our Italian friend who used to cook her pasta naked (well sometimes she wore her Playboy apron) and would only get dressed after she had stirred in the sauce.

We appreciate Micol's natural looking body and would very happily share a bowl of spaghetti with her.

At least Agent Triple P is  taking an Italian lady to his favourite Italian restaurant again this week.

Buon appetito!

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