Saturday, 26 September 2009

Montreal Venus: Emmanuelle Chriqui

Chriqui looking cheeky

As we travel around North America for the next couple of weeks we feel it is only fair to present some fine examples of womanhood from the cities we are visiting. Currently, Agent Triple P is in the city of Montreal; somewhere we have a great deak of affection for. Not long ago it was voted at number 8 by in the list of cities with the most attractive women. After a walk around the sunny city today we cannot disagree.

Does she look good in a white vest? Certainement!

So, to start us off, here is someone of whom we had previously been unaware: Miss Emmanuelle Chriqui who was born in Montreal in 1977. Her origins are Moroccan Jewish, like Triple P's particular friend K.
She has appeared in many TV series and films; none of which we have seen and most we have never heard of. Apparently, though, she is contemplating that thing that will cause her to be hated by Canadians everywhere; applying for American citizenship.

We do like a girl with a large...nose.

It's very important for an actress to display her strengths

A very nice back as well...

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