Friday, 18 September 2009

Pin Up Venus 2: Siesta by David Wright

To celebrate a record number of visits yesterday (361) we bring you another classic pin-up from the 1950s.

We have featured the work of David Wright (1912-1967) before, with one of his "lovelies" produced for The Sketch magazine from 1941 until 1951.

After he finished at The Sketch he worked for Men Only, which was a very different sort of magazine than it became under Paul Raymond, who took it over in 1971. Originally founded in 1935 by C Arthur Pearson Ltd this was a pocket (roughly A5 size) magazine featuring fiction, humour and artistic pin ups. Wright's pictures for Men Only (he also produced illustrations for Esquire and Playboy) could be rather more daring than they had been for The Sketch. At the time Wright produced this painting in 1953 Men Only was still being published in the smaller format; not expanding to full size until the mid-sixties.

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