Sunday, 20 December 2009

Dancing Venus: Ola Jordan

Ola in excelsis

One of Agent Triple P's guilty pleasures is the really rather dreadful TV show Strictly Come Dancing. This is known as Dancing with the Stars in the rest of the world because although the format is a successful BBC export the other countries never had the original Come Dancing show and so the name would make no sense (and would probably be considered rude in America) elsewhere.
Ola overdressed as usual


If any one dancer on the show could make you Come Dancing then that dancer would be the gorgeous Ola Jordan. Polish poppet Ola has been livening up winter Saturday evenings for four years now.

Whoever came up with the idea of taking a long cancelled BBC show showcasing a very minority pastime and turning it into a ratings hit deserves a BBC medal. Everyone thought that the re-imagining of Dr Who was radical but it is nothing to what they have done with the original ballroom dancing show. Come Dancing ran from 1949 until 1998; making it one of the longest running TV series ever but it was dreadful! Now licensed in 30 countries Strictly has become the World's most popular television programme.

Ooh those thighs!

This series wasn't a classic and featured a bunch of so-called celebrities of whom Triple P had largely never heard. Nevertheless lacking an Alesha Dixon (I'm sorry but she is pointless behind a desk-you need to be able to see her thighs), a Kelly Brook or a Rachel Stevens we have had to console ourselves with the girlie professional dancers.

Foremost amongst these (and the BBC are gradually dumping the older girls in favour of younger models in their usual ageist way) is the gorgeous Ola. Now, many years ago Triple P's taste in women was rather different from today. He preferred short (under 5'4") curvy girls whereas now his taste tends to taller more athletic types.
Sex bomblet Ola is, therefore, at 5'4" (she claims on her website- I have seen her described as 5'3") a bit of a throwback for Triple P but maybe that's why we like her. There are much leggier professional dancers in the competition but for some reason we respond to Ola's Polish beauty, curvy figure (despite her short legs she looks great in a catsuit) and slightly bossy persona.

The essence of Ola'a appeal is easy to explain (at least for Triple P). Her small size makes her easily portable. She is nice and curvy and not as emaciated as some of the other dancers have looked. She has a fantastic posterior and a quite outstanding bust.
She is obviously very fit and her thighs look strong without being over muscled. There has been much comment that for this series her always abbeviated costumes have become even more abbreviated.

Of course they have, the BBC have been in a ratings war with the X-Factor. Although why the BBC, who don't take advertising and are funded by the taxpayer, have to chase ratings is beyond me. Shouldn't they just concentrate on making excellent programmes and leave all that grubby ratings chasing to the commercial stations?

Ola is very pretty, bordering on beautiful, and has nice long hair. Above all she obviously has a strong personality (polite way of saying she is bossy) and Triple P does like a forceful woman. Her poor "celebrity" dancing partners are regularly shown having stroppy Ola cut them down to size in training.

Sadly, Ola has never appeared in FHM or some other such magazine but now that she won the Strictly title (with her annoying "celebrity" partner yesterday) maybe there is some hope!

Now 27, she has been in the show for the last four series and you could see over the last few weeks how driven she was to win the title.

Well done Ola, Agent Triple P hopes to see you undressed in a Lads' Mag soon!

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