Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Centrefold Venus of the Month 7: Tamara Santerra, December 1969

Well, we have just managed to sneak in our December centrefold before the end of the month. Agent Triple P considered a number of possibilities for this slot but given the amount of time we have left ourselves we didn't really have time to do the one we wanted (Cheryl Rixon).

However, Cheryl's story was more involved than we had time to do it justice so instead we have simply jumped back forty years to Tamara Santerra.

This pictorial appeared in UK Penthouse Volume 4 number 11 which was the December 1969 issue.  She appeared as the US Pet of the Month in the February 1970 issue.


Although Triple P is not really a bust man he does think that Tamara has the most perfect pair of chocolate dipped nipples!

Photographer Bill Crespinell was not a Penthouse regular but we think that he must have fallen in love with Tamara's bottom as well!

Crespinel was an American photographer who had also shot the centrefold for Playboy's Playmate of the Month for July 1961. Sheralee Conners.  He also shot for magazines like Pageant, Swank and Escapade in the early sixties.

According to the text accompanying her pictorial, she was 5'7" tall and a rather awe-inspiring 37-22-36.

She was just nineteen at the time the pictures were taken.

This final picture of Tamara is very much Triple P's favourite. Really big hips! A perfect ending for 2009!

If there are two things Agent Triple P likes it is dark Latin women and girls with nice bottoms. Tamara, who was actually Argentinean, combines the two perfectly.

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