Monday, 4 January 2010

Most popular items December

Coming this month: the latest episode of the Pubic Wars.

Here are the most popular searched items for December (November's figures in brackets).

1 (2) Pubic Wars. Two episodes in two months has boosted the figures. Another coming this month.
2 (1) Louann Fernald. Most popular girl n the site for second month running
3 (3) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Playmate classmate still on the podium.
4 (5) Sue and Louise Elvin. I have discovered I don't have this issue of Penthouse. Must remedy that.
5 (4) Hyapatia Lee. Still in the top five.
6 (10) Melodye Prentiss. Good climb for Melodye.
7 (6) Lani Todd. Comparatively modern playmate still popular.
8 (9) Gloria Root. Another sixties centrefold.
9 (7) Veronika Zemanova. Busty Czech slowly deflating.
10 (8) Jennifer Lewis. First drop for Jennifer.
11 (-) Stephanie McLean. Straight in at 11 for first pubic Pet.
12 (18) Marie-Louise O'Murphy. Louis XIV's mistress floats up.
13 (11) Evelyn Treacher. First US Penthouse Pet holds her position.
14 (-) Ola Jordan. New entry for bouncy Polish dancer.
15 (-) Amber Ramsay. First appearance for the balletic and excited Miss Ramsay.
16 (-) Lenna Sjööblom. Another first appearance for the "First Lady of the Internet".
17 (-) Victoria Pendleton. A record fifth firsst appearance for Olympic cycling babe.
18 (-) Myrna Weber. Yet another new entry for Playboy girl from 1958.
19 (-) Suzanne Saxon. Another Pet. Another new entry.
20 (-) Yvonne Ekman. Former Danish beauty queen has final new entry.

Whilst there is not much change in the top 10 it's another story in the second half of our chart with no less than eight new entries. Ola and Victoria are rare non-nude model entries.

Not quite making it this month but all on the same score were Pet Avril lund and Playmates Liv, Lindeland, Laura Misch and Crystal Smith.

Hits on art and artists are up but most just missed the top twenty so here are our top ten artistic searches:

1 Marie-Louise O'Murphy. Only one to make the overall top 20.
2 John Collier. Lady Godiva.
3. Flaming June. Lord Leighton
4.David Wright. British pin-up artist.
5. Lady Godiva. Generally, rather than any particular artwork.
6. Ariadne asleep on the Island of Naxos. John Vanderlyn. Good score for American painting.
7. September Morn. Chabas' controversial nude.
8. Modigliani. We need to post more of his paintings.
9. Nude in White Stockings. One of Courbet's racier pictures.
10. Fürdő nő. Károly Lotz. One of our favourite nineteenth century nudes.

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