Sunday, 31 January 2010

Centrefold Venus of the Month 8: January - Destiny Davis

Destiny Davis from January 2005

Just a short posting for January's Centrefold, which we have just managed to squeeze in before the end of the month. An unusually modern one this time and really here not for the quality of the girl but rather the fact that she illustrates a couple of points (sadly her points look rather plastic).

Destiny is 5'5" tall and 36-24-34 and is studying economics and law in Las Vegas, although she was born in California. Agent Triple P, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, enjoys Las Vegas and has been there four times in the last few years.

We rather like this centrefold. Her pose is rather Forties (as his her figure) and we like the drained Martini glass dangling from her fingers. Agent Triple P has been known to partake of the odd Martini. In fact we had one on Friday at the Archduke, but it wasn't very good. Like traditional English Sunday roast lunches the best Martinis are the ones you make at home. Anyway, if we study the centrefold more closely (go on, force yourselves) there is also a full Martini glass at her feet which harks back to the Fifties Playboy centrefolds when there was often the suggestion of an unseen male (it is to be assumed!) presence. Either that or she's already lined up her next drink! Modern girls! Who can tell, eh?

Reasonably natural

The other point we wished to make was to demonstrate the pernicious effect of Playboy's Photoshopping. In the picture above the colours look reasonably natural. However, in the picture below we can see the typical current craze for making all their women look like they've been sprayed with gold paint, a la Goldfinger.

Covered in Ultraglow
In fact Destiny's figure reminds me somewhat of SA (although she was all natural), one of our particular friends from twenty years ago. She was very keen on a then popular cosmetic called Ultraglow which had a similar gold coating effect to this.

Then, as now, however, we prefer our women natural in colour and natural in figure construction.

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