Monday, 4 January 2010

Slovenian Venus: Alenka Bikar

Alenka from the front

A long time ago Agent Triple P was not a bad sprinter. OK at 100 metres and 200 meters but Southern Counties standard at 400m. As a result, even though we have largely become disillusioned with athletics due to the inability of the governing body to really root out illegal substances, we do still enjoy watching the sprints at the major Games. We are even contemplating attending the 2012 Olympic sprints in London.

Now we're talking

Attractive (to Agent Triple P anyway) women athletes are rare and are more likely to be found in events like pole vault, high jump and long jump (for some reason). However, a well toned body can (pace Agent DVD) make up for a slightly lower than average scoring face. If that body part is a posterior then we would argue that it can more than make up for it.

On your marks...

No-one demonstrates this more than Slovenian sprinter Alenka Bikar. She is pretty short for a sprinter at just 5'4". Now 34, she was born in Ljubljana, a city Triple P has visited several times and one where he can vouch for the attractiveness of the women. Not quite World class (unlike, say, Agent Triple P's favourite Merlene Ottey) nevertheless between 1997 and 2005 she got some pretty good results: Silver for the 200m at the European Indoor Championship in 2000, 6th in the Indoor and Outdoor World Championships the following year and, her only international title, gold in the 200 at the 2005 Mediterranean Games.

But it is Alenka's posterior rather than her sporting achievements whch we celebrate today. Quite simply she has one of the best rears we have ever seen in track and field.

Alenka Wiggles
This did not go unnoticed by bored stadium cameramen; as the above clip delightfully demonstrates.

So we wish Alenka a happy birthday for this Thursday and may she wiggle for many years.

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