Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Venus with buck teeth: Pamela Saunders

All this talk of beavers on The Adventures of Triple P is very appropriate at present due to the presence on Agent Triple P's railway station platform every morning of the girl we know as "buck teeth babe". Triple P has allocated names for many of his regular fellow commuters: "Big Ugly", "Mr Public Sector Hair", "The Grumpy Frog", "Archaeology Girl", "Still Thinks He's Handsome", "Slutty The Goth Schoolgirl", "MJK Portly", "Too Old For Long Hair French Woman", "Baldy Porridge Slurper", "Miss Freckly Nose", "Snub Nose Blonde" etc.

"Buck teeth babe" has those large front teeth which mean she can't close her mouth in repose. These aren't Janet Street-Porter style beavers; just slightly big enough to keep her nice full lips permanently open so that she looks as if she wants to receive a kiss.

A Playboy Playmate who demonstrated this look perfectly was the lovely Pamela Saunders from November 1985.

Agent Triple P had a girlfriend once, VA, with a similar look (although she had a better bust than Pamela!) and we have never been able to resist the visible teeth with full lips combination.

Mwah! Scrummy!

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