Monday, 22 February 2010

Curling Venus: Claudia Toth

Claudia Toth

Agent Triple P enjoys watching the Winter Olympics much more than the summer games, although for many reasons Vancouver 2010 has not been as satisactory as others he has watched in the past. He should be very involved in the whole thing but isn't somehow. This is odd as he has visted Vancouver and Whistler many times and the only other Winter Olpmpics city he has has been to was Innsbruck. He is very familiar with the locations of the events therefore. He was even involved with VANOC the organising committee for a while on a couple of issues.

Claudia uses a whole body sensing technique to decide where her next stones should be carved from

One big issue is that Vancouver just doesn't look wintry enough. Its nice to see Hazel Irvine giving her updates from the end of Canada Place with the lovely piles of sulphur in the background but it should be snowy mountains and fir trees not ships and float planes!

Claudia and the Austrian curling team: the other babe is her sister

The other problem, of course, is the eight hour time diference. Triple P has missed most of the ski-ing events which are shown early evening UK time. Switching on live, at present, for the late night show it is always curling. Triple P has been to several curling rinks in Canada. It is a very popular sport there. He even had a meeting in the cafe of the curling rink in Maple Ridge, BC once! What he wants to watch is bobsleigh, ski-ing and maybe a few stick-like women (where is the new Katarina Witt?) in short skirts in the figure skating. What he gets is curling. The problem with curling is that it is completely addictive to watch. Triple P has been staying up until 1.30am watching men and women sliding bits of Scottish granite over the ice. I suppose it's one of the few sports where great Britain has any chance of winning a medal: our bob-skeleton lady Amy Williams, being something of a surprise winner. Incidentally, we are sure that at Salt Lake City it was called skeleton-bob but now they have reversed this, presumably so it doesn't sound like a character from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Very much Triple P's sort of woman!

Anyway, back to curling and the rather splendid Claudia Toth captain (or "skip" as we afficionados know it!) of the Austrian team of a few years ago. Sadly, Austria didn't make the curling for this Olympics so we will have to make do with these pictures from a couple of years back. Claudia was the former girlfriend of America's wayward skier, Bode Miller, until he dumped her. Is he insane? Er, well he was the man who went out on a heavy drinking session before the 2006 Olympic downhill race and, not surprisingly, failed to deliver his predicted gold medal.

Claudia gets her rock off

The black and white photos of Claudia are from a women of curling (honestly!) calendar from 2005. Claudia turned down German Playboy, sadly, but she is still a fine looking young lady for some icy sliding fun. She is obviously good with a broom as well, which would be very useful given the state of Agent Triple P's study floor at present.

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