Thursday, 11 February 2010

Most Popular Items: January 2010

Elizabeth Ann Roberts. We wonder if the radio is one too?

Here are the most popular searched items for January (December's ranking in brackets). Seven new entries and seven girls drop out this month.

1 (2) Pubic Wars. Two more episodes this week!
2 (3) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Back up a place.
3 (2) Louann Fernald. Drops one against Elizabeth Ann.
4 (4) Sue and Louise Elvin. Naughty Australian mother and daughter.
5 (7) Lani Todd. Strong showing takes her into the top 5 for first time.
6 (-) Avril Lund. New entry for early Penthouse Pet of the Year.
7 (10) Jennifer Lewis. Cyber girl bounces back.
8 (6) Melodye Prentiss. A long-term favourite.
9 (-) Alenka Bikar. New entry for Slovenian sprinter with distinctive posterior.
10 (13) Evelyn Treacher. First US Penthouse Pet climbs a couple.
11 (9) Veronika Zemanova. Busty Czech continues slow slide.
12 (8) Gloria Root. Another long-term favourite Playmate.
13 (-) Ulla Lindstrom. New entry for Penthouse Pet and first Page 3 girl.
14 (16) Lenna Sjööblom. Up again for most scanned woman.
15 (5) Hyapatia Lee. Big drop for porn star.
16 (-) Maureen O'Hara. Popular Hollywood star of the past.
17 (-) September Morn. Chabas' popular "naughty" painting.
18 (-) Polynesian Girls. The lureof South Seas sirens.
19 (14) Ola Jordan. Still in there despite end of Strictly.
20 (-) Susan Ryder. Naughty Penthouse cutie from the seventies.

The top ten artistic searches were:

1 (7) September Morn. Girl in a lake hits main top 20.
2 (3) Flaming June. Lord Leighton's orange masterpiece.
3 (1) Marie-Louise O'Murphy. Boucher's (and Casanova's and Louis XIV's) girl.
4 (-) David Hamilton. Just one picture on the blog attracted a lot of hits for English born photographer.
5 (5) Lady Godiva. In her many guises.
6 (-) Syrinx by Arthur Hacker. Poor nymph chopped up to make pan pipes.
7 (-) Aphrodite of Kyrene. Greek statue from Libya.
8 (4) David Wright. Forties and fifties pin-up artist.
9 (9) Courbet's Nude in White Stockings.
10 (2 ) Lady Godiva by John Collier.

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