Thursday, 22 April 2010

Most popular Items: March 2010

Linda Lusardi. I never did nude modelling. Oh no.

Here are the most popular searched items for March (last month's ranking in brackets).

1 (2) Pubic Wars. Back to number one.
2 (-) Linda Lusardi. Straight in at number 2.
3 (3) Louann Fernald. Third for the third month in a row.
4 (1) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. A slight drop for teenage Playmate.
5 (4) Sue and Louise Elvin. Mother and daughter still showing strongly.
6 (9) Alenka Bikar. Climb to top five for sprinter with the mobile posterior.
7 (11) Melodye Prentiss. Just outside the top five for regular favourite.
8 (8) Lani Todd. Best showing for contemporary (ish) Playmate.
9 (10) Polynesian Girls. Up again for island dream girls
10 (17) Veronika Zemanova. Back up for bouncing Czech.
11 (5) Gloria Root. Down for sixties Playmate.
12 (14) Evelyn Treacher. Most popular Penthouse Pet.
13 (-) Victoria Pendleton. Iron-thighed cyclist pedals back into top 20.
14 (-) Stephanie McLean. Back up for the late Barry Sheene's girlfriend.
15 (-) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Boucher's coquettish model.
16 (12) Ulla Lindstrom. The Sun's first Page 3 girl stays in top 20.
17 (4) Hyapatia Lee. Back down for part Native American porn star.
18 (6) Claire Rambeau. Down but not out for Playboy beauty.
19 (-) Lane Coyle. Labia flashing Pet from the mid-Seventies.
20 (-) Susan Waide. Another pussy flashing Pet.

The top ten artistic searches were:
1 (2) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Boucher's girl reigns supreme.
2 (1) Flaming June. Victorian masterpiece drops a place.
3 (5) Mario Tauzin. Into top 3 for French artist.
4 (8) September Morn. Back up for Chabas'nymphet.
5 (7) Ariadne asleep on the Island of Naxos by John Vanderlyn. Seminal American nude.
6 (-) John Collier Lady Godiva. Back into top ten for horsey Anglo Saxon.
7 (-) Goyo Hashiguchi. Tasteful prints from Japan.
8 (-) David Hamilton. Arty French-based photographer not the annoying disc jockey.
9 (10) Syrinx by Arthur Hacker. Victorian girlie in the reeds.
10 (-) Lady Godiva. Girl/horse interaction in the best possible taste.

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