Monday, 12 April 2010

Venus with a snake 1: Sofia Hellqvist

One's slippery and sinuous. The other's a snake.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, who since the Swedes adopted primogeniture in 1980 had to cede inheritance of the throne to his older sister, has dumped his grilfriend of ten years to hook up with glamour model Sofia Hellqvist.

Fair enough, says Agent Triple P, as, frankly, if you haven't got married after going out with someone for ten years its not going to happen. We don't expect Ms Hellqvist will last anything like as long as that but I'm sure she'll be more entertaining in the short term.

In Sweden she is most famous for this picture of her with a snake which is what the Prince's family seem to think he is at present.

Whatever, she passes the Triple P "does she look nice in a vest?" test.

More on girls and snakes shortly.

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