Thursday, 11 November 2010

Montreal Venus: Emmanuelle Chriqui 2

We have featured the splendid Mlle. Chriqui before:
However, trying to clear some pictures from our "my pictures" folder we came across these two and so here they are.

The one of her behind the net curtain reminds us of some of the Playboy centrefold photographs from the nineteen fifties.  It is revealing without being revealing.  A very nice picture indeed!

The second one of her on the beach, in a very effective bikini, is unusual in that it shows what appears to be an appendix scar.  Many people have these (not Triple P, of course, he is perfect) but you very rarely see them in photographs such as this.  The only other ones we can recall are those of Marilyn Monroe in the Bert Stern Last Sitting pictures.  Just as Ian Fleming's James Bond appreciated the one fault on the otherwise perfect Honey Ryder (she had a broken nose) so we think this scar makes the otherwise perfect Emmanuelle all the more appealing.

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