Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Redheaded Venus of the Week 11: Misha in front of windows

This Russian model goes under the name of Misha (or, sometimes, Masha).  She has a lovely, elfin-like quality as she reclines on a suggestively rumpled bed.

Agent Triple P's first proper girlfriend was a redhead with identical colouring to this.  We were amazed and delighted the first time we saw her bright orange pubic hair.  Since then there have been a number of redheads who have varied in shade from a reddish brown  colour through ginger marmalade colour to the aforesaid orange.  All of them delightful!

These two painterly pictures, taken in front of windows, very much remind us of C: the mark 1 redhead (especially the top one).  Sadly, for much of our relationship, given that Triple P's bedroom at college was unheated (he only had a small gas fire in his living room), there was not the opportunity for her to lounge around seductively like this!

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