Monday, 27 December 2010

Venus with a snake 6: Rachel Weisz

Today's news that current James Bond Daniel Craig is now going out with Rachel Wiesz is a good excuse for us to post this lovely photograph of her and a very big snake indeed.  She was photographed for the cover of the April 2004 edition of Esquire magazine by James White.

Agent Triple P can remember exactly when he first became aware of the luscious Rachel; surely the very quintessence of the yummy mummy. It was 20th January 1993 and Triple P was watching an episode of Oxford set crime drama Inspector Morse. Playing the daughter of one of the characters was an actress so luminously beautiful that we sat through the credits to see who she was.  It was a twenty-two year old Rachel Weisz in only her second role.

Now, amazingly, forty years old, we confess that other than the two Mummy films we haven't seen her in any of her other roles but we will be interested to see how her career continues given her "difficult age".

There is something vaguely reptilian about this marvellous photograph of her as well, but it comes more from her expression and slinky body than the texture of her (extremely effective) outfit!

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