Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Burlesque Venus: Happy birthday Tempest Storm

Nice muff

It must be curious being born on 29th February but that is the case for burlesque legend Tempest Storm who was born on this day in 1928.

Tempest shows off her 21 inch waist

Born Annie Blanche Banks (she later changed her name legally to Tempest Storm) in Georgia she had already been married and divorced twice by the time she was twenty.  Heading to California, at the age of 22, she worked as a cocktail waitress and then a chorus girl before her 40-21-38 figure saw her ride the tail end of the burlesque era as one of its last great performers.  In fact she is the last great performer as she was still appearing in Las Vegas shows as recently as 2010 at the age of eighty two!

Rumoured to have had associations with John F Kennedy, Sammy Davis Jr and Elvis Presley, she married another two times.  She had her impressive bust insured for $1 million by Lloyd's of London in the nineteen fifties.  She was always part of the burlesque tradition that left something to the imagination and famously walked out of the Raymond Revuebar in London when she saw that the other dancers didn't wear g-strings.

So, happy 21st birthday Tempest!

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