Friday, 17 February 2012

Centerfold Venus of the Month: Tamara Kapitas update

The purpose of this site is to celebrate erotic images of women and the real women who are the subject of these images, whether photographs or artwork.  Sadly, nude images have been, and remain in some unenlightened societies, to be images of shame.  A less threatening image than a naked body we cannot imagine, we have to say. 

Our particular friend S makes comments about the pernicious influence of the fourth century Christian church, whose activities and pronouncements sought to diminish women's role and importance in society. Certainly, over time, human society has evolved from one worshipping a mother goddess to one of a male dominated pantheon.  We are currently reading Robert Graves novel The Golden Fleece which, interestingly, posits the idea of a Greece of Triple Goddess worshippers being displaced by barbarian invaders from the north and their male chief god, Zeus, and his cohorts (or, more properly, perhaps, phalanxes).

We would not, therefore want to upset any of our subjects, particularly if things they did when they were younger continue to impact negatively on their lives today.  We are grateful to those ladies who posed in the men's magazines from the fifties to the eighties, especially as this was at a time when societal negativity to such actions was stronger than it is today.  We suspect the girls who pose today, who are more likely to be part of an organised sex industry which is their primary source of income, do not have the same issues as their pioneering sisters. The latter girls, blessed with exceptional bodies and seeing an opportunity to make some easy money from them to fund, for example, college fees, were more likely to be "the girl next door".  What none of them could have foreseen was an internet that made their pictures easily available decades later when they had thought that they were posing for a disposable magazine that would be forgotten and unavailable in a few months.  We are also under no misapprehension that many of these girls, who were often very young, were exploited by older and more powerful men.   

It is for these reasons, therefore, that we have removed some of the pictures of Tamara Kapitas from our recent Centrefold of the Month post and all of the material relating to her subsequent career.   Miss Kapitas has been in touch with us and pointed out that detractors were using her Penthouse pictorial to attack her current work.

She kindly shared some information about her shoots for Playboy and Penthouse which we have incorporated into the re-edited piece here.

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