Thursday, 20 September 2012

4 million page views!

At some point in the last few days we passed 4 million page views which means that the last half a million took just two months and ten days or so to clock up.  

These milestones always give us an excuse to post a one-off picture which we have been sitting on.  This one is an image from, we suspect, the early thirties (or possibly the late twenties).  Unusually for these sorts of French photographs it contains the name of the photographer Hilde Meyer Kupfer (we have seen it written as Kupfer-Meyer in a book on German naturism).  It is not, as some sites will have it, the name of the lovely model and the photographer's name may well be a pseudonym so that she may or may not be a woman.  If she was a woman that would have been quite unusual in this period.  The AN on the bottom left of the picture stands for the Alfred Noyer studio in Paris which published many nude postcards as well as conventional subjects.

Here is another picture with the same inscription and it looks very much like the same girl.  

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