Friday, 14 September 2012

Venus in a Vest 3: Anna Noble

Here are some splendid photographs of Anna Noble in a vest taken as a part of a shoot that appeared in Mayfair magazine in 1975.

Close observation shows that her garment is actually a very pale shade of pink rather than the more classic white but that does in no way detract from its pleasing visual effect.

The remarkable thing about these pictures is that they show Anna with a totally untrimmed bush which, even for 1975, was somewhat unusual.  Obviously not shot at a bikini time of year her pubic hair runs right up to her belly button in an enticing trail.

Triple P prefers his women in vests to just wear a vest but in this case we really cannot object to a pair of black hold-up stockings as well.

We can't find any information on the lovely Miss Noble other than she started modelling for the Daily Mirror's equivalent of Page 3 in 1976.  She never appeared in The Sun and disappeared from he modelling scene at the end of the seventies.  

Anna in The Spy Who Loved Me title sequence

Mayfair ran a second pictorial of her in 1977 to tie in with her very brief appearance in the title sequence of the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

Looking at this picture she has a fine coating of hairs down her thighs as well but as they are blonde they hardly show.  What delightfully furry girl she is!

Anna's bust is such, of course, that if you push her vest up to reveal it the garment has enough to rest on so it doesn't fall straight down again.

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