Saturday, 12 June 2010

Most Searched Item: May 2010

Here are the most popular searched items for May (last month's ranking in brackets). This month we have made it a top 25 to reflect the increase in items searched; over 250 last month.

1 (1) Linda Lusardi. Stays at number one but with a smaller margin.
2 (2) Pubic Wars. Stays at number two but with a much bigger score.
3 (3) Louann Fernald. Third for the fifth month in a row.
4 (4) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Drops another place this month.
5 (6) Sue and Louise Elvin. MBack up again for really not very exciting mother and daughter pictorial.
6 (7) Evelyn Treacher. First US edition Pet continues her climb.
7 (4) Melodye Prentiss. Sixties Playmate slips slightly.
8 (11) Polynesian Girls. Back into the top ten fopr South Seas lovelies.
9 (9) Sofia Helqvist. Swedish royal's dodgy girlfriend remains popular.
10 (8) Lani Todd. Down a couple but still scoring well.
11 (13) Jennifer Lewis. Up two.
12 (12) Gloria Root. Holding steady for sixties Playmate.
13 (-) Susan Ryder. Re-entry for Seventies Pet.
14 (10) Alenka Bikar. Easily the most popular sportswoman on the site.

First time entry Barbara Hillary

15 (-) Barbara Hillary. First time entry for luscious Playmate.
16 (15) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Boucher's piece is still most popular artwork.
17 (-) Susan Waide. Another seventies Penthouse Pet returns to the the chart.

First time entry Marguerite Empey

18 (-) Marguerite Empey/Diane Webber. First time entry for bellydancing mermaid.
20 (-)David Hamilton. French-based English photographer.
21 (-) Lenna Sjoobloom. Most scanned woman on earth returns.
21 (16) Ulla Lindstrom. The Sun's first Page 3 girl drops out of top 20.
22 (-) Maureen O'Hara. Always scores well month after month.

First time entry Paula Pritchett

23 (-) Paula Pritchett. Sixties actress who showed everything in Playboy at a time others didn't.
24 (18) Flaming June. Leighton's painting is second most popular artwork.

First time entry Bonnie Dee Wilson

25 (-) Bonnie Dee Wilson. First time for seventies Pet.

For the first time the top four have remained the same but we have a half dozen re-entries and first time entries. Marguerite Empey scored well on a half month showing. Expect her to climb next month. Linda Lusardi's lead looks unassailable at present.

The top ten artistic searches were:

1 (1) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Third month at number one.
2 (8) David Hamilton. Big jump for the photographer.
3 (2) Lord Leighton's Flaming June. Holds on to second.
4 (3) Mario Tauzin. French artist pushed out of top three.
5 (7) September Morn. Chabas' tasteful but controversial painting.
6 (5) Aphrodite Kyrene. North African statue recently reurned to Libya.
7 (-) Slumbering Woman by Johann Baptiste Reiter
8 (-) Woman in White Stockings by Courbet. Racy painting now in Philadelphia.
9 (-) Lady Godiva by John Collier. Another regular favourite.
10 (4) La Verite. Lefebvre's symbolist nude.

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