Tuesday, 1 June 2010

South Seas Venus by Vargas

As it's the first of June today we thought we would post this nice Vargas Polynesian girl from the June page of Esquire's 1943 calendar. Originally it was accompanied by the following verse:

This June I would have married
but an ocean stepped between,
I hope no sultry so and so
has landed my marine.

Another expression of the fear expressed by American women of straying troops far away, given the notorious charms of South Seas island girls!

At this point she was still a Varga girl. The name only being changed to Vargas (his real name)when he acrimoniously split from Esquire, after a series of law suits, who asserted that they owned the copywright to the term Varga girl and his signature. As a result of this dispute Vargas spent much of the late forties and fifties in financial difficulties. He was rescued by Hugh Hefner who started to commision the renamed Vargas girls for Playboy in the sixties.

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