Monday, 4 October 2010


Stephanie Strong Cyber girl from September 22nd 2008

When HMS inadvertantly put it into our head to put together a blog featuring our favourite images of naked young ladies through history little did we imagine it would, in only two years, run to more than 175 posts. We certainly didn't imagine that anyone other than a number of friends and associates would ever look at it so we are frankly amazed to find that in the last few days we have passed 50 followers! We hope you all continue to enjoy our selections of lovelies!

As a small celebration we present the cyber-girl from three days after the debut of this blog, Miss Stephanie Strong. A petite 5'2" lady from Kentucky she is an all natural (unlike many of the cyber-girls) 34-26-35. She is really the sort of dark lovely we really appreciate. We would, of course, prefer her properly thatched down below but for some unfathomable reason Playboy (And indeed other men's magazines) thinks that this look is unpopular. Feedback to this site suggests otherwise!

As for the future, we are discussing with our Western and Eastern hemisphere advisors the possibility of a third site for the posting of full pictorials from the glory days of mens magazines (60s, 70s and, very possibly, the 8os) together with some equally spicy art. One suggestion, given that Agent DVD refers to this as my "porno" site is that we call it "Triple P's Triple X", which is appropriately seventies sounding. It is also horribly seedy so we reject it out of hand! We prefer something along the lines of "Triple P's gentlemens' selection". But we are still discussing the whole idea!

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