Saturday, 23 October 2010

September Venus: Mickey Winters

Mickey Winters from September 1962

Well, we did have to go abroad for 10 days or so so am now even further behind. We will try to catch up this week as, at the moment, it looks a bit quieter.

Talking of behind, September's clear winter is Mickey Winters from September 1962.  Photographed by Don Bronstein in the straw (not hay as the magazine text maintained), she looks like every naughty farmyard fantasy.  She is one of the most inviting Playmates of the sixties.  Who could resist.  Its the naughty straw in the mouth, of course. Mickey was a diminutive 5'0" tall but a rather awe inspiring 36-18-34.  We can't think you would find a Playmate with an 18" waist these days!

Angela Dorian, September 1967

A close runner up was Miss September 1967 Angela Dorian and her splendid hammock shot by Carl Gunther.  She became Playmate of the Year in 1968.  Dorian had an acting career under her real name of Victoria Vetri and was most famous as the cavegirl in Hammer Films' When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1971).  Last week the 68 year old Victoria was charged with attempted murder after she shot her boyfriend (can you have a "boyfriend" at the age of 68?) during an argument in their Hollywood apartment.  He is expected to survive but she faces life in prison.

Debbie Ellison, September 1970

Our third selection is another horizontal centrefold (surely the best kind), Debbie Ellison photographed by Pompeo Posar (is that the best name ever for a glamour photographer?).  Apart from the pale charms of Miss Ellison herself we love the muted autumnal palette.  The rug, which adds a lovely tactile quality, reflects the colours of the (vine?) leaves in the background and the inviting looking picnic basket suggests an enjoyable (if perhaps a little chilly) afternoon of dalliance.

Laura Richmond, September 1988 

Our fourth and final horizontal Playmate is the lovely Laura Richmond.  There are three things that draw us in to this photograph.  Firstly, Laura is a natural redhead, a mutation Triple P is particularly fond of.  Secondly, those invitingly conical breasts thrust out of the photograph taken by Stephen Wayda. Finally, its the lacy stockings; very much a fashion item of the period.  Our girlfriend at this time, SA, actually bought this issue for me and promptly went out and bought a pair of stockings just like this when she saw my enthusiaistic reaction to Laura's.  SA, herself, had exactly the same colouring as Laura here (down below; sadly she had dyed the hair on her head blonde).  One of our all time favourite Playmates.

Samantha Dorman, September 1991

Our final selection for September is our sole vertical format centrefold, Samantha Dorman from September 1991.  She gets the nod for her superbly sculpted 36-25-36 torso; beautifully lit by Richard Fegley to catch every smooth contour.  At 5'10" she's also got the legs.

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