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Centrefold Venus of the Month 16: Dawn Shaw, September 1976

Dawn's centrefold

We have a had a request for more images of the voluptuous Dawn Shaw, who, as she was Pet of the Month for September 1976, nicely fills the gap of Centrefold of the Month for September which we didn't have time to post last month. 

Unlike some other Pets, Dawn never reappeared in the magazine which is a shame as she possessed a sensationally ripe body caught perfectly by Earl Miller in his photo shoot.

Even covered they're still impressive!

In reality she was a rather unusual body shape for a Pet at this time; being built more like a Playboy Playmate.

According to the text accompanying her pictorial she was a perfectly believable 38-24-36.  She has a trim waist, a lovely back with one of those elegant clefts down the middle, cute dimples, a world class posterior and, of course, that bust.

Sadly, from Agent Triple P's point of view we don't see nearly enough of her bottom but this superb shot, complete with alarming mid-seventies platform shoes, is fair compensation.

No, it's largely about Dawn's impressive upper works which, given their splendid nature, is sort of understandable we suppose.

We even get some of the tit squeezing that Penthouse pioneered in the sixties.  Part of Guccione's efforts to show his girls preoccupied with their own sexuality (and before more graphic self caressing could be shown) Newsweek rather churlishly wondered if they were not instead "looking for lumps".


Dawn has those large areolae that big busted women often have.  In fact she is built almost exactly like an old girlfriend of Triple P's, SA, who had a very similar look. 

Again, in Triple P's experience, girls with large areolae tend to have nipples that lie flat rather than erect.  SA needed to be licked into prominence but it is not clear how Dawn reached her perky state in these pictures; maybe the self tweaking helped!

One of the best Penthouse shots of the seventies.  Dawn reclines like a particularly naughty nineteenth century odalisque

Another part of Dawn's anatomy that receives some loving attention is her nice bushy pussy.  1976 was the year when Penthouse got into labia big time, having been rather coy about them in the past. 

Even when they did start to show them they were often lit in such a way that they looked a rather murky brown colour all the better to (nearly) blend in with the dark and bushy pussies of the period.  In fact, UK magazines in this period continued to tint photographs that showed their models' bits in order to push them more into the background.

Dawn's pictorial was really the first when the girl's bits had been displayed in all their healthy, natural pinkness.  Her pussy hair is bushy but not so bushy that she isn't revealed for all to see.

This picture has a Courbet-like quality about it.  Dawn, with her hands behind her head (which helps to pull her bust up) lounges like a Parisienne courtesan displaying herself with an insouciant elan.  Non, je ne regrette rien!

The final aspect of Dawn's pictorial which marks it out from most of those that have gone before is in how many shots she has her fingers on her pussy.  Able now to move on from simple tit squeezing Dawn touches herself more than any previous Penthouse Pet.

Dawn cups it, teases it, strokes it, caresses it but she can't keep her fingers off it.

So Dawn, in many ways is a prototype for most of the Pets that would follow, at least as regards the focus on her pussy.  However she has more than enough other admirable attributes to be more than just  a pretty girl flashing her bits.

Above all she demonstrates something that would become increasingly rare in Penthouse: a smile.  Because if there is anything sexier than a beautiful, naked girl it's a beautiful naked smiling girl. 

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