Thursday, 5 April 2012

Most Popular Posts

The occasion of our three millionth page view had us reviewing our ten most popular posts since we started this blog in September 2008. We have ordered them by number of views.

1. 124,996 Linda Lusardi in Mayfair  More than twice the views of the second place post and constituting over 4% of the blog's views.

2. 53,465  Drawings by Tom Poulton The British erotic artist is by far the most popular art post on here.

3. 49,520 Polynesian girls  Our look at South Sea lovelies through history is a perennial favourite.

4. 46,529 The Pubic Wars 1976 part 4  The most popular of this series looking at the battle between men's magazines in the sixties and seventies.

5. 36, 215 The Pubic Wars 1976 part 3  More girls from the year that defined the look of erotic men's magazines.

6. 25,652 The Pubic Wars 1971 part 2  The first girls to flash their fur in American magazines.

7. 25,237 Francoise Pascal The British based French actress is the second most popular centrefold here.

8. 22,884 Jane Birkin in Handcuffs   A sixties icon all tied up.

9. 22,022 Sally Duberson   Our review of the best Playboy Playmates for January.

10. 20,529 The Pubic Wars 5  An early version now superseded by more detailed annual posts.

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