Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Three Million Page Views!

Jurgita Valts

Well, it is less than six months since we celebrated two million page visits and now, today, we passed three million.  In fact, coincidentally, we were watching our counter this morning when it turned over!  To mark this milestone we wondered if there was a country with a population of three million so that we could illustrate this post with a Venus from that country.

From the top of the Reval hotel you can see some old airship sheds. 

Lo and behold, it turns out that the country with just over a population of 3 million is Lithuania, somewhere that Agent Triple P has visited many times.  So here is Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the week from March 13 2006 (and later July's Cyber Girl of the Month), Jurgita Valts (born Jurgita Tvarionaite).  At just 5'4" she is built more like Triple P's Lithuanian friend G than the endless parade of leggy blondes you sea wafting past you sitting in a pavement cafe  in the equally attractive capital of Vilnius. 

We met G on a course we were giving (in neighbouring Latvia rather than Lithuania) and after a dinner of (presciently, as it turned out) roast beaver and feeling the effects of the cannabis butter on our bread, we ended up with her and her more typically leggy (although dark haired) colleague R in the very small shower cubicle in our rather unexciting hotel (the Reval in Riga, which is redeemed by having a split level cocktail bar on the top floor, which in the evenings is packed with world class women).   G was a curvy girl with a big bust and a rose tattoo on her hip; R a six foot one inch fashion model shaped girl with an all over tan, a strong nose and long black hair.

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania from the top of the Reval Hotel

We compounded this rather unprofessional behavior on a subsequent trip to Vilnius by having a brief fling with G and R's boss, I.  Lithuanian women really are very friendly!

Our room at the Shakespeare hotel.  Oh what fun we had! 

More importantly and, indeed more lastingly, it was at the Reval's sister hotel in Vilnius that we first met our particular friend B from Germany.  After giving another presentation B wanted to know more and we later retired to Triple P's hotel, the Shakespeare, which is a very nice cozy little place in the old town with interesting rooms and a nice bar and restaurant.  Triple P and B have never looked back and she has been a definite asset to Triple P's life ever since.

Here is another splendid Lithuanian cyber-girl of the week, Mikaela James (not her original surname, we suspect) from December 2010.  She is much more like the archetypical Lithuanian girl.

We have between five and six thousand page views a day and easily our most popular post is this one of Linda Lusardi  with 124,985 views!  We used to do a list of the most popular post every month but now blogger does this automatically.  However, we might just do a top ten of all time to celebrate our three million views!

The country with the closest to a population of four million is the Republic of the Congo which may be a trifle more challenging to find a nice Venus from!

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