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Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 6: Crissa "Bo" Bozlee, February 1988

Oh dear, it's already April and we haven't even posted February's non-centrefold of the month yet.  Never mind, we would rather post them late than skip them, so here is February's entry, which will be followed very shortly by March's.

Although going under the name of "Bo" in the title of the pictorial this young lady is actually called Crissa.  We haven't been able to find a great deal about her although the little information we have dug up suggests that, for once, the Penthouse text was reasonably accurate.

Crissa's story is very tied up with that of Chuck Traynor, the production manager of Deep Throat (1972) and the husband of its star Linda Lovelace.  Lovelace later accused Traynor of beating her and threatening her with  a gun during this period.   After Lovelace left him Traynor married Marilyn Chambers, star of the other big porn film of the seventies, Behind the Green Door (1972) in 1974.  Chambers left him after ten years and he moved on to the then seventeen year old Crissa Bozlee.  Traynor was running a shop called The Survival Store in Las Vegas which was much frequented by mercenaries and others who read Soldier of Fortune magazine.

Crissa posed for posters for Soldier of Fortune and The Survival Store and the year before this pictorial the Washington Post ran a story saying that she was the favourite poster girl of those mercenaries inhabiting the contras camps in Nicaragua.   She learned a lot about weapons and apparently used to go out into the desert, strip off completely and fire machine guns for fun!

Traynor tried to launch her as the new sex goddess and even got ex-wife Marilyn to dance on the same bill as Crissa in stripclubs to drum up publicity.  She did a shoot for Playboy but it never appeared, although a picture of her was printed in Playboy's Girls of Summer newsstand special in 1989.   

Crissa was very much a Las Vegas feature and here she is on the cover of Vegas Vistor. Eventually she married a wealthy man and moved to California and never was the next big thing - probably for the best for her, at least!

Her Penthouse pictorial was shot by Ken Marcus and apart from the Las Vegas and Nevada desert location shots most of the pictures are of her inside.

Here she is looking striking in a pair of western chaps.  She was about 24 years old at the time of this shoot. We aren't given her vital statistics but an 1987 article in Esquire magazine, which mentioned her in passing (in an article about Marilyn Chambers) noted that Traynor liked to keep her well fed to ensure her bust remained large.

Certainly it wasn't just Traynor who appreciated her assets as photographer Ken Marcus presents some very Guccione-like breast squeezing shots in this pictorial.

She doesn't quite seem able to get her nipple into her mouth here!  Agent Triple P had a girlfriend at the time this issue came out, who had a very large bust.  She had sensitive nipples and liked to have them licked into erection.  In fact she could orgasm just through nipple stimulation, which we have never experienced since.  She could, however, lick and suck her own nipples, which was most impressive!

So we like the dark and shapely Crissa for her breast play.  Although the pictures don't really showcase it she also has a lovely posterior and a particularly attractively sculpted back.  It's a shame we didn't get more pictures of Crissa in Penthouse and, sadly, we don't own the Playboy Girls of Summer issue she was in.  Maybe we will try to obtain it and post the picture retrospectively.

Most of her bust caressing pictures wouldn't have looked out of place in Penthouse in the late sixties and it is only this one shot of her displaying her charms that places the pictorial in the late eighties.  Some more of her in these stockings would have been most welcome!

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