Monday, 14 May 2012

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 8: Lilyan Howe, April 1965

Non-centrefold of the Month for April is the lovely Lilyan Howe from 1965.  We are still trying to catch up with ourselves but at least this post is only two weeks late!

Lilyan appeared in Penthouse's second ever issue which was, in fact, designated April/May as the magazine, overwhelmed by the popularity of its first issue, struggled to get enough copies printed.

No doubt all the text about her was rubbish as usual so she may or may not have been a water-skiing, tennis-playing, car freak who liked Jelly Roll Morton, trees, wet afternoons and hated television, cats, the colour mauve and words beginning with the letter "y".

Much more likely to be true was the fact that she was born in 1945 so was twenty at the time these pictures were taken.

Also quite believable, on the visual evidence, is the fact that she was 37-22-35.  She has a splendidly ripe, soft-looking body and, we venture, would have made a far better Pet of the Month than that issue's actual example, the rather underwhelming Linda Richie, as featured on the cover of the magazine that month.

The photographer for this set was Eric Wilkins and this must have been one of his earliest published pictorials.  He went on to shoot many of the more explicit pictorials for some of the more downmarket men's magazines in Britain in the seventies and eighties.  However, although many of his models thrust their pink bits at the camera in the most spread-legged of poses he always managed to get their characters across and this was helped by the fact that he got his girls looking relaxed and smiling as we see with Lilyan here.

He later specialised in spanking pictures for the likes of Swish magazine, often featured girls with cars and even shot some hardcore stuff for continental magazines.

There is nothing arty or technically challenging about these pictures but Wilkins did know how to make a girl look sexy, even in these pre-pubic days.  Our favourite from the set is this fine study (above).  It's full of attitude and confidence.

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