Sunday, 27 May 2012

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 9: Sydney Bradford, May 1977

Well, we have just managed to squeeze in our non-centrefold of the month for May in the actual month itself, for a change.

Here we have Miss Sydney Bradford from Penthouse's May 1977 issue which featured Pet of the Month Valerie Rae Clark on the cover. Sydney, by rights should have appeared in the June UK edition but for some reason her appearance was delayed until the August issue.

Sydney first appears down at the beach, although which beach we are not told.

Next Sydney is depicted all jungeliciously.  Triple P doesn't know much about plants so can't tell if this is bamboo or sugar cane.  Bamboo we would guess.

About all we learn about Sydney is that she was born on Hawaii (which she may or may not have been), that she was five foot five inches tall and 35-22-35; both of which could be true.

Sydney is one of those girls who appeared once in Penthouse but then disappears.  She has a distinctive face but we don't think we have seen her in another magazine of the period.

This was the third of Patrick T Barnes three pictorials for Penthouse between June 1976 and May 1977.  Again, we have been able to find nothing about him either.  It could have been an alias for one of the other regular photographers of course.

Here is Sydney with very big seventies sunglasses.  We like these sunlit ones as she looks nicely toasted.  Whether she is baking on a chair, in the jungle or by the coast her hair is always immaculate, however.

Even for 1977 this one is quite racy as there hadn't been a whole lot of labia touching in the magazine to date.

Lastly Sydney takes fifteen minutes of her life, sadly.  Despite this we like Sydney and wish she had done more modelling.

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