Sunday, 20 May 2012

Twenties Venuses by Eugene Reuinier

We have posted some of German artist Eugene Reuinier's (real name Carl Breuer-Courth 1884-1960) frothy erotic drawings on our The Seduction of Venus blog, here, here and here.  Now we will round off our look at his work with a selection of some of his solo ladies.  His slim, leggy beauties all match the idealised shape of the nineteen twenties flapper which was when these illustrations were done.

This page of studies features a lot of Reunier's common themes: girls wearing only stockings, riding crops, stripping off and enjoying their bodies.  The girl enjoying the attention of an excited monkey is something of a one off however!

Reunier often included  fantastical elements and disembodied phalli often appeared in his drawings too but here he combines them into a sort of x-rated Quidditch game, as saucy witches fly around at full moon..

In this study of a bride he makes it quite clear how the young lady views her husband and what it is, exactly, that she is marrying.

Fifty years before Penthouse and Hustler Reunier depicted a girl putting on this assertive spread-legs display.  The interesting thing about this drawing is that he has depicted the creases in the skin across the girl's midsection that you would indeed get from such a pose but which you would not include if drawing an idealised image.  Could it be that this was drawn from  life?

Our final illustration, and Triple P's favourite, is this young lady elegantly servicing herself with a dildo as she, apparently, dreams of a previous or, perhaps, hoped for,encounter.  This is a lovely drawing.  

We have one more Reunier to post under our Venus with a Snake label which we will put up this week.  We have to say that he was one of the very best erotic artists of the last century and had a unique talent for combining character, humour and eroticism without one ever detracting from the others.

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