Saturday, 12 November 2011

Centrefold of the Month and Pubic Wars Updates

Yvonne Ekman

Like Sibelius we are an inveterate revisor of previous work so are currently re-visiting some of our earlier Centrefold Venuses of the month.  These days, for our Centrefold of the Month feature, we always include every picture from the lady's pictorial but we didn't do this at the start.  We will be remedying this gradually.

The first revised and extended post is for August 1967 Penthouse Pet and former Miss Denmark Yvonne Ekman.

Kathy McKinnon from Oui August 1975

Likewise, we have extensively revised one of our Pubic Wars posts for 1975; dividing what was one post into two (the second part will appear shortly).  We will also be indexing all of our Pubic Wars posts (as they are the most popular on the blog) in the sidebar.

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