Friday, 11 November 2011

Venus from the Rear: Venus in tights

This picture, from a lingerie pictorial in the February 1992 edition, is one of our favourite Playboy images of all time.  In fact, the photograph, by Byron Newman, would probably make our list of top 50 pictures of women full stop.

It is a rare example of a picture that makes tights sexy but why else we respond to it so positively we are not sure.  It is cleverly composed, with the girl's legs and rear centred over the block of blue and yet the vertical black right hand area balancing the clear area to the left of the girl.  The stacked, vintage suitcases anchor the bottom of the composition whilst the girl's rear, trunk and head fill the top third, the two parts being linked by the slender legs and arm.  It has a limited four colour palette with just the vivid red on the lips bringing in a dash of a bright fifth colour.  The lips themselves mark the point where the edge of the black crosses the bottom of the top third of the picture.  The shoes are the very definition of fuck me stilettos (as our friend SA used to call her favourite pair) but the genius is the scalloped edges of the dark part of her tights covering her rear.

Jenny: equally attractive from the front.  From September 1990's World Cup pictorial

The model is Hong Kong born Jenny Szeto who had first appeared in Playboy for a pictorial themed on the World Cup in September 1990.  Playboy flew Byron Newman and eleven girls to Italy for their pictorial.  Where the Americans got the idea that Hong Kong was a football power we don't know!  Jenny was originally a physicist before giving it up to be a model.

A slightly more revealing shot was used by Playboy in their 1992 calendar, where Jenny was Miss December.

She is our first Hong Kong Venus!  Utterly irresistible!

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