Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Inspirational Venus: Ana Lima


In our recent piece on the Italian comic book artist Serpieri we ventured that this picture (above) of his heroine Druuna was a fine example of the Italian female rear.  One of our knowledgeable readers, however, pointed out that Serpieri himself had said that he had based Druuna on a Brazilian Playboy Playmate.

Ana Lima

After some research we realised that she wasn't a Brazilian playmate from the US Playboy magazine but was a Playmate of the Month from Playboy Brazil which made the research a little more involved.

Nevertheless we tracked her down and here is Ana Lima in all her South American glory from Playboy Brazil's April 1989 issue.

Comparing the photograph and Serpieri's interpretation of it we can see just how much he has exaggerated her rear.  Not by too much, however, Miss Lima's rear is quite impressive enough in real life.

Agent Triple P has never been to Brazil (although that may change in January) and, other than the large number of Brazilian women working in wine bars and restaurants in London has had little interaction with them.

We did once go to to a Brazilian model's birthday party in Milan during Fashion Week.  We were taken there by our aristocratic Italian colleague M and his brother and we recall being outnumbered by models at this particular party by about seven to one.  Disappointingly, despite the event taking place in an excellent restaurant, the girls literally just poked at salads, chain smoked and drank Champagne.  Most of them were Brazilian and very few spoke any English or even Italian.

Agent Triple P can't stand a woman who doesn't eat properly, let alone one who chain smokes so despite the apparent interest of one of them (whose name, we are afraid, quite escapes us) we rather passed on our chance to explore her Brazilian charms more.  Instead we retired back to the Hotel Principe di Savoia with an Italian marketing girl who called herself "Bay-a-tray-chay" which we thought was a remarkably exotic sounding name until she wrote it down for us and we realised it was just "Beatrice".  Our Italian was still at a rather basic stage at this point!

It must be rather strange for Miss Lima to be the model for a comic book character who is often depicted getting tied up and explicitly ravished (the American versions of the comic books are often heavily censored).

We wonder whether she made any money out of being the inspiration for Serpieri's character.  Almost certainly not!

Any way we will leave you with a few more of Miss Lima from her Playboy appearance.

We were talking to some Brazilian people today and there were a number of striking looking Brazilian women amongst them, so we think we might have some more Brazilian Venuses soon!

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