Friday, 30 December 2011

Non-Centrefold Venus of the Month 4: Raven, December 1973

Just time to get December's non-centrefold of the month posted, in the lovely form of "Raven" from Men Only's December 1973 issue.

She is just the sort of dark, exotic lovely who appeals to Triple P and the fact that she is posed in a nice tropical-looking setting helps immensely as the usual festive season drizzle runs down our window on this dreary afternoon.

Hers is a steamy, sultry appeal and we can only imagine being in her basic cabin in the humid heat as she lounges around or takes a cooling bath in a wooden tub.

It's a short pictorial this but benefits from some large full-page pictures and not too many of those picture in picture pages that the Paul Raymod magazines often annoyingly went in for.

Raven, does sluttily sultry very well, we have to say, and this picture is our favourite from the pictorial.

In their usual nonsensical way Men Only waffled on, in the text accompanying the pictorial, about the fact that she was from Knightsbridge in London and had only just returned home from travelling abroad.  Utter rubbish of course as whilst she conceivably could be British she really looks like she hails from somewhwere rather more exotic.

Anyway, she is a very fine antidote to a dreary day, we think.

Although we have no information on the model the photographer is Frenchman Serge Jacques, one of the longest serving glamour photographers in the world.  He originally started taking pictures of naked women back in the late forties; contributing many photos to the French magazine Paris-Hollywood which he published.  This was really the first truly international mens' magazine.

Originally it featured photo sets of (clothed) starlets and topless cabaret girls but, over time, the actresses disappeared to be replaced by more naked models.  The magazine ran from 1947 until 1973.

Alice Amo by Serge Jacques

Jacques himself ran into trouble a lot in the fifties as his pubic hair flashing models were deemed indecent and he was arrested by the French police, who regularly raided his studio, many times.

Brigitte Bardot by Serge Jacques

His most famous images were probably the ones he took of a very young Brigitte Bardot on a beach in St Tropez.

Another Jacques lovely

Jacques went on to work for all of the top mens' magazines in the seventies: Oui, Playboy, Penthouse, Chic, Club International, Mayfair etc.  Amazingly he is still photographing naked ladies, in his studio in Prague (as he says Eastern Europe is where the most attractive women come from - we have to agree), at the age of 83. 

Serge Jacques

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