Friday, 9 December 2011

Venus Relieved: an unexpected book

With Christmas approaching the bookshops in London are getting what they hope will be their Christmas best sellers in stock.  Waterstones, our major bookstore chain, usually has a small selection of slightly racy photography books in stock which it often augments with a few extras at this time of the year.  The staples include the pictorial books by Dita von Teese, compendiums such as the Mammoth Book of Erotic Women, the Pirelli calendar book, Dian Hanson's "Big Book of..." series etc.  All reasonably mainstream as such books go.

Triple P was just in the Waterstones branch on Trafalgar Sqaure and was looking in the art and photography sections, as he often does.  They had most of the above mentioned books but they also had two copies of a book called Pissy Pussy Girls which we immediately found very ungrammatical.  Inside, surprisingly and not surpisingly at the same time, were a series of pictures by a photographer called Gordon Denman of, well, girls pissing.  The picture below, which is about the least graphic in the book, reminded me of an incident with S from Vancouver many years ago when she just failed to get her trousers off in time in our hotel bathroom, having been trying to escape for some time from an over zealous conversationalist at a work reception and having consumed far too much Granville Island beer. Doubled up in agony in the lift of the Pan Pacific in Vancouver, after we eventually escaped, we really thought, as we unlocked the door to Triple P's room that we had made it.  Alas all she needed was another five seconds!

Now this is not a particularly unusual fetish, we know several young ladies (S included) who enjoy spraying fun, but what was unusual was finding such an explicit book in such  a mainstream shop; and two copies as well!  Triple P was surprised, to say the least.  Denman is better known for his arty books of black and white photographs of real couples having sex but this was a full colour opus.  I wonder how many Waterstones (appropriately!) will sell for Christmas?

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